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How to Crack BPSC with Self Study?

How to Crack BPSC with Self Study?

  • May 08, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) exam is the key to a good career in administrative services. Even though coaching institutes can help you prepare, it is possible to crack BPSC through self-study tooThis method promotes freedom, convenience and a better understanding of the concepts. 

Advantages of Self-Study for BPSC

Personalized Learning: You have the power to adjust your study plan at your own pace according to what you find difficult or easy to understand. If you are finding something hard, give it more time; if not, move on quickly.

Better Understanding: With coaching centres giving information step by step, students never go beyond thatbut with self-study they go deeper into subjects. They take them apart and put them back together again so that they can see how all the pieces fit which helps them remember things longer.

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Cost-Effective: Coaching can be expensive. Self-studiers save money by buying good BPSC books for BPSC preparation and subscribing to reliable BPSC websites only.

Disadvantages of Self Study

Discipline Required: Using strict timetable may be difficult because staying motivated might not always happen as expected. It will therefore require personal discipline.

Doubt Clearing: Another disadvantage is lack of mentorship which means there could still be some topics left unclear after reading about them alone. In such cases one should use online forums or other resources where people discuss common problems related with this exam. 

How to Prepare for the BPSC Exam?

Befriend Syllabus: Download an official syllabus document from bpsc.bih.nic.in website then acquaint yourself with its sections` structure and marks distribution pattern – this will keep you focused throughout your preparation period.


Get Good Resources: Invest in best BPSC books recommended by previous year toppers for respective subject(s). Besides that collect relevant BPSC Previous question papers as well as visit reputed websites exclusively dedicated towards BPSC exams.

Make a Schedule: Make sure each subject gets enough time based on its difficulty level and marks weightage. Also, don’t forget to include revision hours plus some breaks within the plan so that your mind remains fresh all the time.

Do BPSC Previous Years’ Questions: It is highly recommended that you solve BPSC previous years’ question papers regularly because they give one an idea about how questions are structured, their difficulty levels also indicate areas where examiners like touching most. On top of that go through solved answers in order to know what examiners expect from students.

BPSC Mock Tests: Consider taking online mock tests under timed environment which will help in improving speed skills besides building examination temperament plus identifying weak points needing more attention.

Keep Up with Current Affairs: Develop the habit of reading newspapers daily, especially national and international sections, along with Bihar-specific news articles; additionally, stay updated about economic developments happening around the world, etc.

Coaching vs Self-Study – Which One Is Better?

Coaching provides proper guidance throughout the entire course duration, including doubt-clearing sessions, but it can be quite expensive and impersonal. On the other hand, self-study promotes self-reliance and deeper understanding but lacks the facilities mentioned above.


Finally, select any approach depending upon your learning style preferences coupled with available resources at your disposal; for instance, if one has high motivation levels coupled with adequate discipline, then self-study would yield excellent results, while those who thrive best under a structured environment should consider joining reputable coaching centres.

In conclusion, do not waste any more time thinking whether or not cracking BPSC through self-study is possible because it definitely is achievable provided that you work hard and have the necessary preparation materials together with the right mindset towards this challenge ahead—so just get started already!

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