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How to Prepare for Class 4 Olympiad Exams?

How to Prepare for Class 4 Olympiad Exams?

  • May 21, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The Olympiad Exam is a competitive exam which is held at the National and International Levels. The students compete with schools all over the country. Olympiad exams give an opportunity to explore abstract concepts with high thinking skills that are beyond the academic syllabus. 

How can students prepare for Olympiad Class 4?

1- First things first, know the syllabus of the Class 4 Olympiad Exam and understand the important topics.

2- Go through the previous years question papers to understand the exam pattern and the difficulty level of questions. 

3- One needs to read and practice reading comprehension regularly to open one's mind to different topics that may come up in the exam. Reading enhances familiarity. 

4- Practice Oswaal Books Mock Test Papers and Sample Question Papers to improve question-solving speed. 

5- Practice Essay writing every day to articulate thoughts on different topics. 

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Benefits of Preparing for Olympiad Exam Class 4 

1- Olympiad Exams introduce students to conceptual knowledge at a level where they are limited to the academic syllabus.

2- Olympiad exams facilitate higher thinking skills. 

3- These exams develop logical reasoning skills among students that build up ground for future competitive exams. 

4- The focus and the concentration levels increase of students while they prepare for Olympiad Exams.

5- The students are introduced to a higher level of concepts, which helps them exercise their brain activity. 

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6- Students also learn to multitask while preparing for Olympiad Exams, which develops their personalities in a multi-dimensional way. 

7- The exams develop the reasoning and logical thinking abilities of students. 

8- Teaches the application of textbook knowledge. 

9- Helps in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of the students and develops new interest areas.

10- Develop Learner’s attitude.

11- Gives relevant exposure. 

Olympiad Exam is conducted by various organizations like National Cyber Olympiad, National Science Olympiad, International Mathematical Olympiad, International English Olympiad to name a few. The exam happens online as well as offline. Olympiad Exams cover subjects like Maths, Science, English, and Cyber. There are 3 sections in the paper.

A- Logical Reasoning Section - It consists of questions from verbal and non-verbal reasoning. 

B- Science Section - It covers relevant topics from the science subject of the current and previous class.

C- Achievers Section - It contains Higher Order Thinking Questions (HOTQ) of the same topics in section A and B. 


Topics covered in each section depending upon the Class and syllabus - 

Section 1 - Patterns, Analogy and Classification, Geometrical Shapes, Mirrors and water image, direction sense test, alphabet test, logical reasoning test, puzzles etc. 

Section 2 - Plants, animals, Indian History & Heritage, Natural Resources, Earth and universe, matter and materials, forces of energy.

Section 3- Higher Order Thinking Questions as per the syllabus. 

Make the most of these exams and shine through.

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