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How to Study Maths for CBSE Class 6?

How to Study Maths for CBSE Class 6?

  • May 22, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

For the CBSE Class 6 students, Mathematics offers an opportunity to build a strong foundation in mathematical concepts that will be critical for future success. Here are some tips to help you become an expert in 6th-class math! 

1. Be friends with your 6th Class Maths Book:

This CBSE Book for Class 6 is your main study resource. Know the layout and organization of this book well. Pay attention to explanations and work examples given therein. Read again whenever a concept seems uncertain to you. Don’t worry about underlining or jotting remarks at the margins so as to make understanding clearer.

2. Practice Makes Perfect:

Mathematics is best learned through practice. Devote time for regular practicing purposes is vital. Do not skim through questions in your CBSE Books for Class 6, but rather solve them carefully following the steps shown by worked examples.

Recommended Books:

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3. Master the Basics:

It is crucial that before proceeding on complex topics, one has a good grasp of basic concepts. Give more attention to difficult areas that may exist within these subjects or topics, if any are there, which may necessitate going back to previous chapters in your Class 6 Maths Book as the base will make it easier for you later while doing harder problems.

4. Embrace Visualization:

Some mathematical concepts can be better understood when they are presented visually.Use graphs, charts and diagrams to represent problems. Draw shapes or number lines in your 6th Class Maths Book while thinking about it.


5. Break Down the Problem:

Don’t be discouraged by long-winded problem statements; divide them into smaller, easily manageable steps. Take time to re-read the question carefully and identify what’s being asked, after which you can now apply relevant concepts from your CBSE Books for Class 6.

6. Befriend Question Banks Class 6 :

After getting conversant with your 6th class maths book, test yourself more using chapter wise mathematics Question Banks Class 6.They contain diverse kinds of challenging word problems for you to solve.

7. Make it Fun!

Studying Maths should not feel like a burden. Find ways of enjoying the subject. Play games with friends or siblings, watch math videos on YouTube that are educative or even engage in online quizzes at various sites; these are some of the ways that can change studying into a fun filled activity.

8. Don’t Hesitate to Ask for Help:

When you do not understand anything, seek assistance from someone who can get it right immediately. Talk to your teacher or a classmate who is good at maths. Give them reasons behind your happening and which part does not make sense in the problem. Sometimes, another viewpoint or a different explanation is all one needs.

9. Celebrate Your Progress:

Recognize whatever small success comes your way. Go ahead and appreciate yourself as completing tough exercises or grasping hard concepts calls for some pride. Reward yourself so as to be motivated and keep moving forward since studying isn’t always easy.

10. Consistency is Key:

Consistent practice is more effective than cramming before exams. Set aside some reasonable amount of time each day or every other day to study math topics from either the 6th Class Math Book itself or Question Banks in Class 6. Continuous studying will help you retain information better and approach exams with confidence.

Remember, Math is a journey…not a destination!! Rise up to challenges, celebrate triumphs and most importantly, have fun exploring the incredible world of numbers!

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