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  • June 15, 2022
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Teaching students in the classroom is one of the most tedious tasks. If you are a teacher, then you can relate, to how difficult it becomes to grab the attention of students in the classroom. Isn't it?

If you are still using the old traditional methods to teach students in the classroom, then you need to put a mark on them right away.

With the evolving technology and rapid development, students have also developed an innovative and creative side for learning. Nowadays, students don't learn for the mere purpose of giving exams but to extract the knowledge.

So, you need to shift your ways of teaching to help them learn in a better fashion and remain in a rapport with the changing learning requirements for students.

Now, you must be wondering how can I do so? Isn’t it?

Well, need not worry! This blog is specifically designed to offer you give a broader perspective on creative pedagogy and how it can be used in the classroom.

You must be thinking what is this creative pedagogy? Right?

To get an answer to all your queries, just stay glued to this blog till the end and see what it has in store for your teaching needs.

So, without delaying much let’s get started!


What is creative pedagogy?

Before moving on further, it is very important to understand what exactly is creative pedagogy? If you don’t have the essence of creative pedagogy then there is no fun in using it.

Creative pedagogy is nothing complicated but it is just the art of teaching students with the assistance of creative methods.

These creative methods keep the interest of students intact in whatever they are learning. Besides that, it even helps them to retain the information in their memory in the long run.


Types of creative pedagogy

There is no one specific or rigid way to use creative pedagogy. But, there are four distinct approaches to creative pedagogy that you can use in the classroom.

You can go with any of the approaches as per your convenience and the student's level of understanding. The approaches are discussed below.


Constructivist pedagogy

Constructivist pedagogy deals with the approach where students are allowed to build their understanding based upon their knowledge from the previous lessons learned.

They combine the previous learning with the enhanced learning that they receive from you during the lecture.


Collaborative pedagogy

A collaborative approach focuses on keeping the students engaged with writing, critical thinking, and understanding the concepts rather than rote learning.

They will also get a sense of understanding the concepts and how to collaborate with others for better results.


Integrative pedagogy

Most of the students don’t feel comfortable with the theoretical concepts but for others, it works perfectly fine.

In this scenario, integrative pedagogy can be used which blends theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and self-regulation for a better learning experience.


Inquiry-based learning

In inquiry-based learning, you only need to handhold the students to the right path rather than giving them the entire path to follow.

You can easily do this by encouraging the students to ask questions, inquire, research, and try to find ways to learn themselves. This will make them feel more accomplished and educated.


Importance of creative pedagogy

You must be wondering why there is a need to introduce creative pedagogy in the classroom even if the traditional methods of teaching are working fine.

There are various benefits and changes that you will see in your classroom once you start using creative pedagogy. So, before implementing it for the very first time, make sure what it has in store for you.


Learning made easy

When you use creative methods while teaching be it using a game or a puzzle then the engagement level of students increases. It further adds to their concentration level in the classroom.

Besides that, you need not put any extra pressure on them to learn some concepts because they are already learning everything enjoyably.


Boost up emotional development

By introducing creative pedagogy in the classroom, you open up the doors of emotional development for the students. Especially, the students in the lower classes get a chance to explore something.

With this methodology of teaching, you don't put any boundaries on their creative thinking and allow them to assimilate from their surroundings.


Enriches problem-solving skills

When you use creativity while teaching in the classroom, then students will come across various brainstorming activities. These activities will help them enhance their thinking capability and work towards solving problems.

It will allow the students to think out of the box and put forward their ideas without any hesitation or fear of being judged.


How to use creativity in the classroom?

By now, you are well-versed with some of the advantages that creative pedagogy can bring to your classroom.

Now, comes the section for which you have been striving for so long about how to implement this technique in the classroom.


Create an accepting environment

To use creative pedagogy in the classroom, you must develop an accepting environment in the classroom where students don’t hesitate to make mistakes.

Make sure that they are comfortable doing something wrong and accept it even in front of their peers.


Find out student’s passion

Every student is unique and their approach toward life and passion for things also varies. You should listen to them and welcome their ideas.

This will help you get a better idea about the thinking perspective of the students in the class. Besides that, you will get a crystal clear thought regarding which method will work fine for them.


Encourage self-assessment

Most of the students remain in their shells and don't come out because they don't have faith in their ideas or answers. You should encourage them to speak and self-analyze their performance.

When the students will develop the habit of self-assessment, then they will attain a different level of confidence in approaching things.


Experiment with activities

You will encounter scenarios where a particular activity like the puzzle is working for a small group of students but it is not serving the large lot.

So, you need to change to some other method like mind maps or mnemonics to help the students.

You can’t remain stagnant with your approach and need to experiment with the things to check out what is working and what’s not working for your students.


Final Thoughts

Creative pedagogy is an amazing way of engaging the students with the content that you are delivering in the classroom.

Once you start using it, you will also feel elated with the results that it will show. Besides that, you will also come across various new things while helping the students learn in a better fashion.

So, why not just give it a try and see it for yourself?


Why Teachers shoudl use Experitential Learning with Students : https://oswaalbooks.com/blogs/teachers-column/why-teachers-should-use-experiential-learning-with-students?page=2




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