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  • January 25, 2022
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With this term going at a fast-forward pace, some students are still struggling to figure out how to start preparation.


All the boards have reduced the syllabus due to the term-wise pattern. But, still, students need to study with full devotion and hard work!


To score well in your board exams, you must give an impactful start to your preparation.


But, how?


Question Bank!


You must have heard about the Question Bank from the very first day of your session, right?


But do you know everything about it?


Do you know why Question Bank is important?


Is there any difference between these Question Banks and your normal textbooks?


So, why don’t you spend next 3 minutes to clear the fog and understand everything about Question Banks?


Let's get started!!



What is Question Bank?


Question Bank is a large pool of questions that are designed from the examination standpoint.




It comprises all the important questions from every chapter that were previously asked in the board exams and have a high probability to come in the upcoming exams.


Moreover, it offers conceptual clarity with the topics that you find difficulty in.




To make the preparations more easier and timesaving!



What sets them apart from normal textbooks?


Now, how does Question Bank is different from normal textbooks?


Textbooks provide you with the knowledge and the questions that you can practice after every chapter.


There’s no arrangement according to most important questions or most occurring questions.


That’s where Question Bank comes into the picture.


Question Banks are designed not only to provide knowledge but also the exam insights and better understanding of question paper and previous year questions as well.


In addition to that, they are designed by an expert panel of teachers that have several years of experience!


See that’s what makes them different from regular text book.



Best time to prepare from Question Banks


Enough with what, let’s understand when.


When to start preparing from Question Bank.


Instead of reading further below, just take a 2-second pause and think!


What’s your reason of studying?


What you want to achieve? What’s your goal?


Do you have any goal in front of you that this much score I’ll achieve this year?


If not, then you don’t need Question Bank, coz even Question Bank can’t do anything for you.


If you're the other half, if you have set your goals, if you know your reason to study, if you know how much score you need to achieve this year, then you must have also figured out that to get ahead of the competition you need Question Bank right from the beginning.


Yes, the right time to get the Question Bank is NOW!


This will help you in multiple ways.


First, you'll understand whether you're able to give the correct answer to the important questions or not?


If not, where are you lacking?


Which are the topics that you need to put more emphasis and which are your strong ones.


Apart from that, they will also give you a glimpse of how to phrase your answers.


This will also provide an expert based well planned exam insight long before the actual exam!



Importance of Question Banks!


Once you get acquainted with Question Bank, only then you can understand the true importance of it but still let’s see some benefit –


1. Offers holistic learning approach


Question Banks are designed to offer you a holistic learning experience.


You will not only come across the important questions from every topic but you will also encounter the previous year's questions with the assistance of the Question Banks.


When you start going through the Question Bank after every chapter, then you get a fair idea about the potentially important topics and questions from an examination point of view.



2. Covers every typology


Due to the term-wise pattern followed by various boards, there is always some addition and subtraction going on in the typologies of questions being asked to the students.


Question Banks are extensively designed as per the latest guidelines issued by the board. Therefore, they comprise all the typologies that will be asked in the board exam.


This will help you get acquainted with the types of questions that can be asked from a particular topic.


For instance, you are going through some concepts. You have clearly understood the concept. But, you have no idea about the type of questions that can be framed from that particular topic. Have you also faced such sort of situation?


If yes, then Question Banks are a true asset for you. They will help you prepare every typology for the exam with proper explanations.



3. Helps in timely preparation


With the term 2 exams approaching, you must be feeling very anxious. You will find ample study material around you but you are not able to figure out which is the best resource that you should follow.


At this time, Question Banks come to your rescue.


When you start following them from the very first day, then they will not only offer you conceptual clarity. But, also assist you in the timely completion of the syllabus.


With the solved questions provided in the Question Banks, you will also get the opportunity to see the topper’s answers with proper do’s and don’t for the examination.


They will help you prepare in a better fashion for the day of the exam.



4. Helps in better understanding


Question Banks are designed in a proper way to offer you a crystal-clear understanding of the topics.


Even if you are not very confident about a particular topic, then you can always refer to the Question Banks.


They will assist you in easy understanding and retention of various concepts from the beginning without much effort.



5. Use innovative learning methodologies


Those times are gone when you were only confined to traditional learning ways.


Nowadays, everything is changing at a rapid pace and so does the learning techniques. You can’t go long only by relying on traditional ways.


Question Banks are a rich source to provide you with innovative learning methodologies. You can learn with the help of mind maps, mnemonics, etc.


These techniques help in better memory retention.


For example, you got stuck at some question in the examination hall. You are trying very hard to remember the concept but you are unable to recall the things. This is the time when mind maps come to the rescue.


You will be able to form a diagrammatic representation in your mind that will help you recall things easily.



Do you know even Isaac Newton used to rely on Mind Maps! Read to Learn More! 





You must have Question Banks at the start of the session to have a synchronized preparation and revision strategy.


So, without any further delays, just grab the Question Banks of the subject you want and give a new direction to your preparation.


Get the best Question Banks directly - https://bit.ly/3AxTAPC



If you liked this blog, kindly share it among your friends to help them too.



All the Best!


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