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Is 2 Months Preparation Enough for NDA Exam?

Is 2 Months Preparation Enough for NDA Exam?

  • May 03, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The NDA Exam is one of the prestigious exams in the country, especially for students who aim to join the armed forces. The NDA Exam happens twice a year. The exam comprises a written exam and SSB Interview. The written examination is divided into 2 papers - Mathematics and General Ability Test (GAT). The questions are of an objective type. Each paper is of duration 2.5 hours. The candidate needs to score a minimum of 25% in each subject to clear the written exam and go for the SSB Interview.

months can be sufficient for Preparation if one has a full proof strategy and is ready to work hard. Know the syllabus - By heart the topics that are covered in Mathematics and General Ability Test. Mathematics covers Intermediate topics. Whereas general ability tests include English and Mathematics. General knowledge questions are picked from physics, chemistry, geography, current affairs, general science etc. 

Recommended Books: 

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NDA Previous Year Question Papers for 2024 Exams

NDA Syllabus for 2024 Exams

For Mathematics, cover the syllabus of Class 11th & 12th and master the concepts easily.

  • Check the NDA Maths Syllabus and segregate the important topics as per their weightage. 
  • Master shortcut techniques, tips and tricks to manage time effectively. 
  • Prepare notes for formulas shortcut tricks and memorize them regularly. 
  • Learn calculations for cubes and squares to attempt maximum questions in the exam.
  • Focus more on solving trigonometry questions, as they are tricky and time-consuming. 


1- For the General Aptitude Test, polish grammar and basic concepts, learn new vocabulary words and practice the previous year's papers. 

2- For history, focus on topics like Indus Valley Civilization, Buddhism, Jainism, Mauryan Empire, Mughal, Gandhian Period, and Ancient History. 

3- Divide your day into two parts; give one part to Mathematics and the other part to the General Aptitude Test. Do not study all topics in a day. 

4- Be consistent with your preparation. 

5- Make Notes and mind maps. Revise from time to time so that you can recall the information and course syllabus.

6- Solve Oswaal Books Previous Years Solved Papers and get acquainted with the type of questions that may come in the exam. The solved papers will acquaint you with the marking scheme. 


7- Make a Support Group - Befriend serious candidates who are also preparing for NDA so that you can discuss and revise from time to time. A core group helps you to stay updated and motivated. 

8- Take Mock Tests everyday, it will help you to understand the rigor of the exam and how to complete the paper in a time bound manner. Mock Tests help in gaining confidence.  

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Usually, it is recommended to have 6 months in hand to prepare for NDA, but if you have 2 months. You must give your best effort and conquer the exam. 

Wish You Luck!

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