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Is 720 a Good Score in the CUET Exam 2024?

Is 720 a Good Score in the CUET Exam 2024?

  • January 22, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The Common University Entrance Test (CUET), India's new standardized gateway to premier universities, has left every aspirant abuzz with questions. Scores are out, dreams are brewing, and the inevitable comparisons and anxieties are bubbling up. If you're among those wondering, "Is 720 a good score in CUET 2024?", hold onto your excitement! While a straight yes or no might sound tempting, the reality is slightly more nuanced. Let's dive into the factors that determine the true weight of your 720:

So, if you're asking, "Is 720 a good score in CUET 2024?" let's navigate this question together!

Short Answer: It depends.

Firstly, remember that CUET scores aren't absolute values. They're normalized across different subjects and sections, meaning a 720 in Physics might have a different percentile compared to a 720 in English.

Additionally, the "goodness" of your score hinges on what program and university you're aiming for. Top-tier colleges, especially for competitive courses, might require scores in the 800 range, while others might consider 720 a strong contender.

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Factors Affecting Your CUET Score's "Goodness":

Percentile: A score's true worth lies in its percentile. Aiming for a 99+ percentile? 720 might be the starting point, but for less competitive programs, it could be a sure shot. Analyze past years' percentiles for your desired program and compare it to your score.

Competition: The program you choose significantly impacts the cut-off score. Highly sought-after programs, like medicine or engineering, might require scores above 750, while others might be more accessible. Research cut-off trends for your chosen program and university.

Normalization: CUET normalizes scores across subjects. While 720 in one subject might be fantastic, it might be average in another. Analyze your performance across all subjects to get a holistic picture.


Beyond the CUET Scores: Other Important Aspects

Reservation Categories: Different categories have varying cut-offs. If you belong to a reserved category, your score might hold more weight compared to the general category.

State and University Preferences: Cut-offs can vary significantly between states and universities. Research specific cut-off trends for your chosen location and institution.


So, what can you do?

1. Analyze previous year cut-offs: Get a sense of the range for your desired university and program.

2. Connect with universities: Reach out to admission offices for specific details and eligibility criteria.

3. Focus on your strengths: Hone your skills in your chosen subject.

4. Prepare for the holistic application: Craft a compelling application package showcasing your potential.

A 720 in CUET 2024 is a promising score, but its "goodness" depends on several factors. By understanding the context and focusing on your strengths, you can maximize your chances of securing admission to your dream university. Remember, your score is just a starting point – your dedication and passion will ultimately pave the way to success!

Bonus Tip: Stay updated on official announcements and cut-off releases from the NTA and universities.

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