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Is CBSE Checking Strict Class 10?

Is CBSE Checking Strict Class 10?

  • July 09, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

CBSE Class 10 Board Exams! A period where students carry out their cramming, pull-all-nighters and exchange mysterious rumours and fears. One of the biggest worries that plague every student is the process of evaluation: Is CBSE checking strict for Class 10?

The answer, like many things in life, isn't a simple yes or no. Here's what we can tell you for sure:


All answer sheets should be checked as per the principles set down by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It's these guidelines that ensure there is fairness and uniformity in the board. Examiners adhere strictly to these marking schemes with focus on awarding marks for quality of content but not any judgemental perspective.

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Follow Your Nose:

It's wise to remember that understanding the structure and types of questions that might appear in the exam can help students understand better about CBSE Class 10 Secondary Question Banks. If you peruse through them well, structuring your answers will be easy.

Presenting things clearly within word count limits, especially for math and science subjects where a step-by-step approach helps build up marks.

Creativity Vs Accuracy

Elaborate answers might sound good, but CBSE prefers content over floweriness. Examiner will see more sense in concise points explained properly than verbose irrelevant paragraphs.


Don't Worry About Strictness:

There is a common misconception that CBSE checking is too harsh without any reason. The examiners are highly trained professionals who know what students go through during the examination time hence they prefer answers which were prepared accordingly with presentable format than those copied from other sources.

Get Ready:

The best way to tackle examinations would be to be ready before sitting for them. Thoroughly revise your syllabus using the recommended CBSE Class 10 textbooks and Secondary Question Banks. Solve previous years' question papers within the set time. This will improve your self-confidence and expose you to CBSE's way of marking.

Practice with Marking Schemes: 

You should also understand the marking schemes for each of the subjects that you intend to take. These are readily available on the CBSE website; however, some are highlighted below. Going through CBSE Question Banks Class 10 comprising solved questions alongside their marking schemes will enable the pupils to arrange their answers in a more strategic manner, aiming at the areas of focus that attract premium score.

Learn, Don't Mark:

Scoring high is important, but it should be remembered that these examinations are meant to evaluate your knowledge of particular subjects. Instead of cramming facts selectively, focus on understanding the concepts in depth. This will help you not only to excel in such tests but also create a solid foundation for further studies.

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Ensure that you know how the evaluation goes and prepare accordingly; this will enable you to approach your Class 10 CBSE exams with confidence. Therefore, no matter how "strict" CBSE checking seems, hard work, correct comprehension, and emphasis on accuracy are what will help one achieve victory all over his/her life.

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