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  • May 11, 2022
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It is that time of the year again; students are relentlessly working to prepare for their board exams for grades 10th and 12th. On top of that, the impending stress for the CUET is further worrying candidates.



So, what is CUET?


The CUET (Central Universities Common Entrance Test), organized by the NTA (National Testing Agency), is a test conducted nationwide that acts as a gateway to educational institutions in India.


It facilitates candidates to get into Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Research Programs for all the 45 Central Universities and a few State and Deemed universities in India.





The utmost concern for an applicant is the hefty sum of money involved in their education. Since central universities are publicly funded, they eliminate the financial barrier for aspiring candidates.


The erudite faculty captivates students to apply to central universities. Furthermore, it is cumbersome for applicants to appear in different entrance exams for different universities. Work smart, not hard!



How do you apply for CUET?


High School seniors (grade 12) are eligible to apply for the CUET exam. Students can apply through CUET’s official website. By clicking on the register button, aspirants can successfully enroll themselves.


The applications for CUET 2022 are open till 6th May 2022, and the exam will be conducted on the first and second week of July 2022.



Everything you need to know about CUET!


The mode of examination is CBT (Computer Based Test), and the pattern of the paper is MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions). One point will be awarded on a correct answer, while one point will be deducted on an incorrect answer. No points will be awarded for skipping a question.


The exam is comprised of three sections, namely Language (section I), Domain-Specific (section II), and General Test (section III). The first section, Language, is split into two sub-sections: Section IA (compulsory) and Section IB (optional).


There are 45 minutes for each language and each Domain-Specific Subject. Candidates can opt for two languages from both the sections collectively and six domains at most according to their field of study.


So, choose wisely! The General Test will comprise questions on Current Affairs, General Knowledge, application of basic mathematical concepts, and more.


The subjects offered in each section are listed below:


Section IA (13 languages):


1. Tamil


2. Telugu


3. Kannada


4. Malayalam


5. Marathi


6. Gujarati


7. Odiya


8. Bengali


9. Assamese


10. Punjabi


11. English


12. Hindi


13. Urdu



Section IB (19 languages):


1. French


2. Spanish


3. German


4. Nepali


5. Persian


6. Italian


7. Arabic


8. Sindhi


9. Kashmiri


10. Konkani


11. Bodo


12. Dogri


13. Maithili


14. Manipuri


15. Santhali


16. Tibetan


17. Japanese


18. Russian


19. Chinese



Section II (27 subjects):


1. Accountancy


2. Biology/ Biological Studies/ Biotechnology/Biochemistry


3. Business Studies


4. Chemistry


5. Computer Science/ Informatics Practices


6. Economics/ Business Economics


7. Engineering Graphics


8. Entrepreneurship


9. Geography/Geology


10. History


11. Home Science


12. Knowledge Tradition - Practices in India


13. Legal Studies


14. Environmental Science


15. Mathematics


16. Physical Education/ NCC /Yoga


17. Physics


18. Political Science


19. Psychology


20. Sociology


21. Teaching Aptitude


22. Agriculture


23. Mass Media/ Mass Communication


24. Anthropology


25. Art Education Sculpture


26. Environmental Studies


27. Performing Arts.


The examination will be conducted in two slots- morning and afternoon. The duration of the first slot is 45-195 minutes, and that of the second slot is 45-225 minutes.


The details of the slots can be checked on the official website



CUET in recent years/ Positive Prospects for CUET


The chairman of UGC (University Grand Commission) recently declared that Central Universities would use CUET exam results for admission evaluation. The course material of the 12th-grade syllabus will be used to design the exam.


This ensures less pressure on the candidate as they have studied the contents previously. Furthermore, the examination will be conducted biyearly from 2023 onwards.


In case of a dissatisfactory result, students will get a shot at refining it. Private universities have also shown interest in utilizing the scores from the CUET, which implies a broader spectrum of colleges to choose from.



Is CUET compulsory for 12th-grade students? (Must I apply for CUET?)


If you are a 12th-grade student seeking acceptance into a Central University, it is compulsory to participate in this assessment. It is tactical for students otherwise to appear in this exam.


It opens a broad spectrum of choices for their decision to enroll in an institution for an undergraduate program. Success is met when one does not stop grasping countless opportunities at their doorstep!



Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your options!


As CUET is not the sole evaluation criteria for college applications, candidates shouldn’t get on their high horses and neglect their board exams.


Higher educational institutions pay particular attention to the students’ board exam results during admission. It depends on a university’s minimum eligibility criterion based on the board exam results.


Nevertheless, CUET significantly reduces the pressure on students to produce exceptional results on their board exams. CUET gives aspirants a chance to make it into their dream school even if they don’t perform outstandingly on their board exams.


So, what’s there to lose? Apply now to amplify the likelihood of a brighter future!






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