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  • April 11, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Yes, ICSE semester 2 class 10 maths is easy. You will only find difficulty when you sit to solve the entire paper because time and accuracy need to be managed.


If you can get a command over this, then, there is no way you will find class 10 maths hard.


Maths is a subject in which you require extensive preparation throughout the year. If you work hard and practice more then, scoring in Maths becomes way easier.


Some of the most important chapters of Mathematics include Geometry, Trigonometry, Probability, Statistics, Algebra, Commercial Mathematics, and Mensuration.


It is not an as easy subject as it seems to be. You need a lot of diligent practice for the exam because it is not a subject that will fetch you good marks if you study it just a day before the exam.


To score exceptionally well in the ICSE Semester 2 Class 10 Maths exam, you can follow the below-mentioned tips.



Be well-acquainted with the syllabus


It is very important that you are well-versed with the course structure and unit-wise weightage thoroughly mentioned in the syllabus. It will help you set your milestones accordingly during the preparation.


Once you are sure about the unit-wise weightage, then only you can set a timeline for each unit to have enhanced preparation.



Refer to additional and enriched study materials


Only following the ICSE textbooks won’t help you in the long run.


If you want to score good marks in Maths then there is no way that you can skip the various typologies of the questions. And to get an idea about these typologies, you can refer to additional reference books.


Oswaal book is best-suited to offer you high-quality study material for board exam preparation.


It contains all the typologies of questions with chapter-wise important questions as well so you don't miss the important things for board exams.



Solve sample question papers


Solving the sample papers is very crucial to scoring well in board exams. The sample papers are exclusively designed as per the latest guidelines of the board.


When you solve these sample papers in a time-bound fashion, you get the opportunity to come across your strengths and weaknesses.


You will even get an idea about the chapters you are weak at. You have an ample amount of time before the board exams in your hand so you can rectify those mistakes and work on the weak areas.



Maintain a separate notebook for formulae and theories


While studying, make sure that you have designated copies for solving maths problems, in which you should write the formulae theorems and concepts.


It will act as a great help for the last-minute revisions during the time board exams.



Don’t follow shortcuts


While solving the maths problems don’t forget to write the steps. You will get the marks for every step in the board exam.


Even if your answer is wrong at the end then also you will get some credits for the steps performed.



Start with easy problems


When you start with the easy problems in the first place then you develop a confidence level for solving the problems. It gives you the confidence to shift your focus to the difficult problems once you are done with the easy ones.


In addition to that, it will take less time to solve those problems which will leave you with ample time to work on the difficult areas at a later stage.






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