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Is ICSE Specimen Paper Harder than the Board Paper?

Is ICSE Specimen Paper Harder than the Board Paper?

  • May 24, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

ICSE Class 10 board exams are very important in the academic journey of every student. This can naturally lead to high anxiety as the big day approaches. An extra question has been added since ICSE Specimen Papers became available: Are the Specimen Papers harder than the actual board papers? 

The answer is a resounding NO, the ICSE Specimen Papers are not harder than the actual board papers. On the contrary, these papers are made with the intention of being your companion and not an enemy towards you. Let us go deeper into that and see how this paper could be your pass key to success in the Examination.

Are ICSE Specimen Papers Harder than Board Papers?

No, generally speaking, ICSE Specimen papers are not intended to be harder than real board papers. The primary aim behind their development is to make students get used to exam structure and format but not making them face difficult questions which they cannot cope up with. CISCE seeks fairness for all candidates when setting exams.

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Understanding the ICSE Specimen Paper

Every year, CISCE releases Specimen Papers for Class 10 by Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). They give you an idea of what your main examination will look like including its format and question types. It means they're not meant as a copy-cat of the exact questions that will come out during exams rather it's just meant to help students become familiarized with exam pattern.

Why Specimen Papers Aren't Harder than Real Board Exams?

A general myth holds that specimen papers are more challenging compared to real ones in board examinations. However, this is purely a lie. These are designed to familiarize students with paper formatting styles, question patterns and marking schemes. It makes it possible for them to:

Get comfortable with layout: Aspects such as the number of sections, MCQs, short/long answer types, etc., have been replicated on specimen paper so that they wholly mimic the actual board paper. This makes it easy for students who would otherwise feel nervous on the actual day of the examination.


Practice different question formats: Like the real exam, specimen papers come with a variety of questions formats. This helps students to understand concepts in multiple ways and therefore be able to handle any type of question.

Identify areas for improvement: By timing themselves whilst taking up the Specimen Paper, they can discover which areas need more attention during revision. They can then limit their study time to such weak points.

Develop exam temperament: When students take mock exams like the Specimen Paper, it becomes easier for them to sit an examination without feeling nervous or running out of time. In doing so, they will be ready for high-pressure situations that commonly arise during board examinations.

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ICSE Specimen Papers are quite useful to ICSE Class 10 students. There are many insights about the examination format that one can realize using it and tell which areas need improvement, thereby gaining confidence to perform well in their board exams. Remember that, The Specimen Paper is not an enemy but rather a guide who will help you to achieve this goal. So let your mind be positive towards it, use it wisely and say bye-bye to exam fear!

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