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  • January 03, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Mental health is something that is not being talked about frequently.


Most people consider it taboo to talk about mental health.


And when it comes to students then most of the people’s reaction will be “How students can have mental health issues?”


“What’s wrong with them?”


“Young people don’t have such things!”



It’s perfectly fine to talk about mental health issues and there are many students out there who might need assistance with this.



Studies reveal that mental health issues in students are rising at a rapid pace. And there is one among every five students who are facing this issue.


This is something very alarming!!


Students are the future of our nation and if they are undergoing such traumatic conditions then there might be some severe reasons behind it.


But here the question arises what are the mental health issues that students face?


Who can recognize them?


How we can help them?


If these questions poke your mind even once then, you need to read this blog till the end.


Maybe you will encounter some students that might need your help. So, why not become a helping hand?



What are the common mental health issues among students?


When it comes to mental health, among the students, then some of the most common issues are depression, anxiety, lack of attention, post-traumatic disorder, etc.


Many students undergo these problems.


But the major thing is that these students don't even know what they are going through.


No one talks about mental health with the students!


This is the main reason that even after undergoing all these problems they are devoid of the knowledge that what’s happening with them?


Nowadays, schools have provided various facilities like counselors, teacher aides, social workers, and many other initiatives to help students fight against these odds.



It becomes the duty of the parents as well as teachers to recognize these problems among students and help them overcome them.


But, how to recognize these issues among students?


To get more insights into it refer to the section below.



How to recognize mental health issues among students?


Recognizing the signs of mental health issues is very important among students.


It’s not only the responsibility of the parents to recognize these issues. But, it is a joint venture of both the parents and teachers.


Students spend almost half of their day at school.


And, no one can better understand their problem than a teacher.


If you are a parent and you see signs like reluctance for going to school, staying in the bed all day, getting clingy at every small thing, etc.


Then these signs show that your child is undergoing some mental health issues.


And instead of scolding them, you need to understand the reason behind their behavior.


If you are a teacher and you see a student in class sleeping, showing unusual signs of crying, seems sad, etc. Then instead of scolding that student in front of the entire class, try to talk to them.


There might be something that there are not able to discuss.


You need to be caring towards the students so that they can discuss what's happening to them. Try to find the reason behind their behavior.


These are some of the evident signs that can help the parents and teachers recognize mental health problems that students are juggling.



How to help the students with mental health issues?


Whether you are a parent or a teacher, it becomes your prime responsibility to help the students facing mental health issues.


Once you have recognized the mental health issues among the students, now it’s your turn to help them overcome these issues.


Let’s have a look at some of the effective and doable ways in which you can help the students.



1. Offer Time and Care for Them


Most of the students become prone to mental health problems because they feel dejected.


The reason behind it is that they don’t find any reliable adult around them that can listen to them or talk to them.


To help the students overcome this problem, you should offer your time and care to the students.


When you give your time and care, then students become more open with you. They start building a relationship of trust with you. This will help them overcome the mental health problems they are facing.


2. Be Prepared to Listen


To help the students with the problem, you need to first understand what they are undergoing. You can understand this only when you listen to them.


If you stay engrossed with your thoughts, then the students will feel hesitant to share things with you.


You need to be empathetic towards them and listen to them patiently no matter what they are saying. This will offer a clear picture to you that what’s happening in their mind.



3. Be Non-Judgmental


If you are a teacher, then you might have witnessed some students in your class who are reluctant to answer.


If you make that student stand in front of the entire class to solve a problem on the board then also they become nervous.


So, instead of jumping to the conclusion that the student is not serious about studies and is careless. Try to find the reason behind the student's behavior.


And being a parent, you can witness the situation in the home like your child is always acting lazy and is not paying any heed to what you are saying.


Then instead of shouting and scolding, just sit down with them and try to figure out the possible reasons behind the same.



4. Encourage students to understand their problems


Students don’t take help until they realize that something wrong is going through with them.


You need to talk about the mental health issues with the students and tell them that it's okay to take help.


Even if the student is not comfortable in discussing the problem with you, then you can accompany them to a counselor or some other expert in this field.



Final Thoughts


Mental health issues should be treated OPENLY and without any delays.


Even if you find people around are not supportive of it and even don’t want to talk about it, then also it's your responsibility to put light on this sensitive issue.


If this issue is not addressed properly then it can ruin the lives of many students unnoticeably.


You need to be a bit more observant and careful while dealing with the students. Because they are the ones who are most vulnerable to mental health issues unknowingly.


The smile on your face and the compassion you hold in your heart can turn the tables for the mental health victims.


You just need to be observant and keep on working towards it. I hope you have got a fair idea about the mental health issues and you will take it seriously from now on.


Do write us in the comment section if you have encountered someone with the same problem and how you helped them!


All the Best!

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