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  • August 11, 2022
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Students learn a lot from books and they are one of the major sources of their learning.

But, getting high-quality books for the kids is a real juggle.

Workbooks for children are a great way to offer the ultimate level of learning with enhanced engagement.

Most of the time, kids find it very hard to sit for a stipulated time and keep on studying. But, the NCERT workbook can be a true asset for your kids.

You must be wondering that my kid is already occupied with a lot of academic books, then what is the fun of getting the workbook?

Won’t it over-burden my kid? Will it bore any fruits for my kid’s exam preparation?

These are some of the most common questions that will haunt any parent like you who is worried about their child’s prospects.

Need not worry! This blog is dedicatedly designed for you to offer a piece of holistic information about the NCERT workbooks. In addition to that, you will also get an answer to your question about the need for a workbook for your kid.

So, without delaying much, let’s get started!!


What is the NCERT workbook?

Most people confuse NCERT workbooks with NCERT textbooks. But, both of them are different.

NCERT workbook is primarily designed to offer engaging learning content to the students so they remain engrossed with the lectures taking place in the class.

The best part of the NCERT workbooks is that they abide by the latest NCERT textbook patterns and follow the National Curriculum Framework (NCP).

This acts as a cherry on the top of the cake.

You will find various practice worksheets in the workbooks that will help your kids enhance their conceptual clarity on various topics.

Now, you must be wondering, if I introduce this workbook to my child then what are the changes that I can observe?

Well, to get an answer to your query, just dig down the below section and everything will be crystal clear to you.


Why get an NCERT workbook for your kid?

Below are some of the promising benefits that you introduce to your kid with the NCERT workbook. These can make the learning curve of your kid exponentially increase. So, let's have a look at them.


1. Strictly based upon the NCERT textbook

While picking an extra book for your kid, the main dilemma is whether the book will stand as per the board standards or not. Isn’t it?

With the NCERT workbook, you need not worry about this thing.

It is purely based upon the NCERT textbook!!

When you give the workbook to your kid for practice, then each worksheet will abide by the standards of the NCERT.

This will not make your kid feel alienated that they are doing something entirely new.

Workbooks even offer your kid the opportunity to learn in a self-study manner without any external intervention. This will help them grow and analyze their mistakes on their own.  


2. Room for practice

Kids don’t get familiar with the topic or the chapter until they practice on their own.

When you introduce NCERT workbook to them, then this issue will be resolved at the grass-root level. The workbook offers chapter-wise practice for the kids.

Once the students have gained interest in the chapter by learning it in a fin way, it's time to test what they understood.

Chapter-wise practice even prepares them better to get clarity whether they have understood all the concepts well or not. If not, then they have the opportunity to work harder or those areas.

With every chapter, kids will get ample space for answer writing which makes the workbook unique.


3. On-point revision notes

Have you encountered the scenario, your kid is all set with the exam preparation? But, when the exam time approaches, they don't find any reliable revision material?

Kids don’t have that much time in exams that they start revising everything from the scratch.

In this situation, the NCERT workbook helps a lot!!

Once your kid is done with the preparation for the exam, they can use the chapter-wise revision notes given in the workbook after every chapter for enhanced revision.

This will help your kid touch upon every concept that they require to score high marks in the examination.

Once the students develop a habit of practicing and revising every chapter, then it will help them prepare meticulously for the examination without any hesitation.


4. Offer interactive learning experience

Those days are gone when students were only interested in learning through the books. Moreover, with the pandemic, the need for a blended learning approach has increased among the students.

To help your kids stay tuned with the latest learning experiences, you can offer them the workbooks.

They contain interactive pictures that help them in better conceptual clarity. In addition to them, it offers them the privilege of mind maps or concept video that helps in better learning.

This has made the learning horizon very wide for the kids.

Even you can sit with them and help them with these new interactive learning sessions.

This will not only improve their memorization but will also help them learn the concepts in the long run.


5. Develop confidence for kids

When the kids solve the workbook, then they come across various types of questions. While solving the questions they gain a command over the topics learned in the chapter.

This will substantially increase their confidence in the exams.

In most of the cases, you must have observed that no matter how much your kid has prepared for the exam but they still fear the name of the examination.

This is just because they don't have faith in their preparation and the fear of messing up things.

Workbooks offer them an opportunity to explore and have faith in their preparation. So, why not introduce them to the NCERT workbook if it has so many benefits in-store for your kid? 



NCERT workbooks hold an important place in the overall development of your kid.

If your kid is innovative and wants to explore things then there is no other book that can beat the power of the NCERT workbook. You just need to put a habit of solving worksheets from the workbook.

After that, you are done and your kid will themselves want to learn from these workbooks.

The above-mentioned are some of the key benefits or changes that you can observe in your kid after introducing the workbook.

The best part is that you need not worry about the NCERT curriculum. As the workbook is strictly designed as per the NCERT scheme and guidelines.

So, what are your waiting for?

Grab the workbook of the subject that you need for your kid and see the changes in their learning pattern.


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