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  • February 21, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Foundations are important to a building. It decides the core strength and enables the building to stand tall.


So does Class 1-5, they are the essential foundational blocks of a child's education which enables them to stand tall in higher classes and further in their lives.


Classes 1-5 become yet more important because a child is learning to study as well. Schooling is often found not enough to assist in this process.


That is where the parents join the team with teachers to complete the learning process. Where it is required that they teach their child and help them with their homework and assignments at home.


But the reality added with the overexposure of technology today creates a situation that is very different from the ideal need of a child's learning process.


So If you don't know how to get your kids to study and stop using mobile, TV or gaming consoles.


If you do not have the time to create a worksheet for your kids or help them with their homework and assignments.


If you are finding it hard to explain basic concepts to your kids interestingly and engagingly.


Then you're at the right place because right now you need NCERT Workbook more than your kids.


One of Workbook's main attractions is that they are designed to assist parents on how to engage with their kids in line with the guidelines of the councils to ensure that their child gets the best knowledge possible.


Every picture, every page in the workbooks is created with the motto of making learning easy.



How is the Workbook made?


NCERT Workbook for Classes 1-5 comes for all subjects Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi, English, Sanskrit, Environment Studies, and has been prepared keeping in mind the guidelines laid down by the NCERT and in accordance with the National Education Policy (NEP 2020).


Hence the workbook is structured to provide a set of learning activities to your child and a set of learning assistance tips for you overall shaping it to be an effective assessment tool.



Why does your kid need a workbook?


It is understandable that today's child already has so many books to read that getting some more would only add the burden.


But let's accept this fact too that NCERT Books are often designed poorly and have not changed a word or their approach towards teaching from a very long.


The world is moving at a very fast pace and today's kids are moving faster than the world. They are the little masters beating their parents in their ability to grasp technology.


So to teach a 21st-century kid you need the material matching their frequency of understanding and engagement.


That's why the text in the workbook has been graded with attractive colors and diagrams with good font size and printing, making it easy for the child to be engaged in the book.


Keeping in mind self-assessment opportunities for the kids, thereby enhancing the utility of the workbook.


The teaching outcomes of these workbooks is therefore geared towards developing elementary mathematical skills, logical reasoning, encouraging abstract thinking, interrelating concepts, among others.


The life skill activities provided in each chapter take the kids to a wider dimension of thought, involving reflection and appreciation.



Highlights of the Workbook


Workbooks are both interesting as well as interactive. The content is good and appropriate for every age, covering a large range of topics and giving the kids practical knowledge.


Written in a lucid style, which is easy to understand it has the following components;


  • Workbooks are strictly based on NCERT.


  • Topic-wise Questions based on NCERT exercises (including NCERT exemplar problems) are given in each chapter to enhance the student’s knowledge and understanding.


  • Pullout worksheet with colourful pictures gets the child attracted to the books.


  • Integrated Exercises contain questions of all the topics of the chapter to reinforce the problem-solving skills.


  • Answers to all the exercises have been provided at the end of the book.


  • Be a Genius section provides questions for higher application and assessment.


  • Chapter-wise worksheets with Ample space for writing answers so that no other notebook is needed.


  • The Let's Revise section is like quick notes in each chapter helps in better understanding and revision.


  • Concept videos links and Mind Maps offer blended and innovative learning.



Features for parents and teachers


The most lucrative feature of the workbooks is that it also acts as a teacher and parents manual.


It is for those parents who are struggling to keep their kids engaged in studying, As their kids are spending more time on the mobile and TV. It is for those who don't know how to teach their kids.


These books come with a parent's manual that tells parents exactly what needs to be taught and how to teach it. For teachers, workbooks have simplified lesson plans & complete solutions of NCERT.


It helps teachers to be sharp in their teaching process and have ideas on how to make the learning process fun for children.


Above all, a workbook is a perfect parents and teachers manual providing every possible tool of teaching, assessment and learning.



Results of using workbooks


Apart from working as a parents and teachers manual, it has been found that the students who use workbooks have a greater depth of concepts and better applicability of their knowledge.


Marks of students are increased by 20 percent or 2 grades which makes students more confident and start enjoying studying. Over 20 lakh parents and 1.3 crore students have benefited from the workbooks, making it a trusted study buddy for students.





NCERT Workbooks for Class 1-5 are essential to lay the strongest foundation of education in childrens. Whether it be sticking to NCERT Curriculum or providing a blended learning experience.


These workbooks have been closely curated to overcome the challenges faced by 21st century educators. It contains a modern approach to learning by joining hands with teachers and parents filling the learning gap from school to home.


For a long time we have heard people figuring out how learning can be fun. Well the thoughtful and attractive blend of concepts in these workbooks have proven that students of Class 1-5 are enjoying and engaged.



All the Best!




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