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  • April 25, 2022
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fake letter has taken social media by force and is circulating everywhere: has the NEET PG 2022 been postponed again? Absolutely not!


The PIB Fact Check has issued a fake news alert regarding the viral notification on social media claiming that the NEET PG Exam scheduled for 21st May 2022 has been postponed yet again.


Aspirants are informed that the news regarding National Eligibility cum Entrance Test Postgraduate postponement is absolutely fake, and thus they should not let it falter their spirit of studying.


The exam date remains to be 21st May 2022 and will be held on this date as of now, without any changes.


Despite the several demands made by students for the postponement of this exam, the authorities have made no changes to its schedule.


The issue is, however, still gaining momentum, with more and more students raising their concerns regarding the postponement.


The primary reason behind this popular student demand is that NEET PG Counselling 2021 is ending a bit late, giving aspirants allegedly lesser time to prepare for this nerve-wracking examination.



How To Succeed in The NEET PG 2022 Examination?


Since it has been intimated that there are no chances of the exam being postponed, students are advised to get back to their preparation and quit dwelling over the glamorous notions of the exam getting postponed again.


The PIB Fact Check has clarified all ambiguities and called for students to stop believing this fake news just because they want it to be true.


Students are advised to refer strictly to the official social media handles of verified authorities regarding any updates on the exam and avoid focusing on other distracting matters.


Succeeding in the NEET PG examination is every medical student's dream as it is an opportunity to obtain admission to a premium medical college in India in a specialty of choice.


Not only do students start dreaming and fantasizing about this exam several years back, but some of them also start preparing for it well before time, mainly so that they can clear this prestigious exam with flying colors and make a future for themselves.


The date for the NEET PG 2022 examination was announced on 12th March 2022 and has been set to 21st May 2022.


Students all around can be seen losing their nerves as the day draws closer: notes can be seem flying around everywhere, student chatter has been filled with medical terminologies and question papers, and help books are selling like hotcakes.


With very little number of days left for the exam, students are facing one of the most pressing times of their lives and must endure this last stretch while resilience and confidence.


May it be a student well-prepared for the exam or one just thinking about starting, there are a few strategies that they need to adopt to do great in this exam and succeed with distinction.



Demand for NEET postponement


As per reports, several students have taken to social media asking for a postponement of the NEET PG Exam 2022, which is scheduled shortly.


The medical students have cited that they could not prepare well for NEET due to the increased cases across the country of Covid-19 as a reason behind their demand for postponement of the exam.


The COVID-19 outbreak has had a serious impact on the country. The healthcare system is under pressure, and the presence of lakhs of candidates at the examination centres may increase the risk of spread.


Moreover, numerous cases have been reported from across the country from exam centres, putting an undue burden on the health infrastructure.


Together with this, the students are also of the view that the covid scenario did not allow them to put forth their best foot towards the preparation, and hence, they require more time to study.



The PIB Factcheck team scratches fake news


The PIB Factcheck team crawled over a piece of fake news circulated online claiming that the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test, widely known as the NEET PG Exam, has been postponed by the government because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Thus, they put forth that the NEET PG exam will take place at the stipulated time only, and no recognition should be paid to any kind of news from unofficial sources.


They have thus clearly stated that this circular put forth fake news, and the students should believe no information in this regard.


Furthermore, the source added that they would not take their decision back to examining the scheduled time. This is due to the reason that they want things to get back on the right track.



What did the fake notification say?


The fake notification read that the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India, has decided to postpone NEET PG Examination 2022 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


The notification also claimed that the exam would now be held after 6 to 8 weeks. Lastly, the circular also stated that the medical representatives sought the requests.


It was not the right time to go ahead with the exam due to the expected sudden increase in covid cases. Furthermore, it also mentioned that the exam is being postponed regarding many interns not being able to sit for the exam on the date.



What havoc did this fake news create?


The fake news created havoc in the students scheduled to appear for the NEET PG 2019 next month. This news has put so many students in a dilemma as they are now confused about whether the exam has been postponed.


The news has also invited mixed reactions from the students; while some are happy, others are sad.



The Early Bird Catches The Worm


We all realize that the early bird catches the worm but seldom do we understand this statement. It holds quite true in the case of NEET PG aspirants: starting early is bound to bring about positive implications for their study routine.


Starting early holds innumerable benefits apart from providing you extra time for preparation. One of the most consequential factors is that it allows students to explore the vast array of aspects of preparation for NEET PG 2022.


Students who start their exam preparation from as early as the third or fourth year of MBBS certainly hold an upper hand over those who start late, as they can tackle the elephant-like syllabus better than late starters.


It is indispensible to keep in mind that starting early does not mean solving Multiple Choice Questions from the early MBBS days or rote learning all the books; it simply means focusing on concept building from the very beginning.


Students who take notes of all the topics they learn or understand can do exceptionally well in this exam, as all they need to do is take a glance at their writings to renew concepts in their minds.


Preparing all the topics of MBBS allows students to inevitably have a firmer grip on the NEET PG syllabus, primarily because it constitutes a number of subjects from the MBBS curriculum.



Break Down Your Studying Into A Realistic Plan


It is understandable that students would feel a rising surge of panic as the day of the exam draws nearer, but that is not a suitable approach to studying.


Students who go into panic mode are unable to comprehend or retain anything that they learn, leading to further panic and depression.


Therefore, the most suitable approach to dealing with the extensive NEET PG exam curriculum is to make a practical timetable by breaking down the courses into days.


The study plan for each student may differ from the other, majorly because the retention and learning abilities of students vary widely.


Knowing the accurate syllabus is also imperative to learning well and dividing the syllabus into easily conquerable sets.


Students can even take a combined mock test for each syllabus set, leading to thorough preparation. Let us look at the subjects included in each of these four sets, allowing better preparation:


Subjects Included In Set 1


1. Pediatrics


2. Pathology


3. Medicine


4. Physiology



Subjects Included In Set 2


1. Anatomy


2. Ophthalmology


3. Surgery


4. ENT



Subjects Included In Set 3


1. Forensic Medicine


2. PSM


3. Biochemistry


4. Microbiology


5. Pharmacology



Subjects Included In Set 4


1. OBG (Obstetrics and gynecology)


2. Radiology


3. Psychiatry


4. Dermatology


5. Orthopedics


6. Anesthesia



Practice Makes A Man Perfect And A Doctor Perfecter!


Taking mock tests once or twice every week is crucial in making sure you can apply the concepts you have learned so far. Students can take these grand tests either by combining two sets or of each individual set.


Taking a grand test covering two sets is bound to cover up to eight or nine subjects at a time, thereby adding considerably to your preparation.


Such grand practice tests are readily available and can be uptaken from any coaching class or online platform of your choice.


These tests also allow students to come face to face with their weaknesses and the topics they do not hold a considerable grasp upon.


Identifying one's areas of weakness works wonders in the improvement and allows one to overcome anxiety, restlessness, and pressure by building confidence through familiarity.


Although medical students should focus on clinical questions more, single-liners ought not to be ignored or overlooked.



Set A Daily Study Target And Stick To It Religiously


The NEET PG 2022 exam preparation requires a realistic target and religious adherence to it. Since the exam constitutes three hours and thirty minutes, students are required to prepare for extensive mind activity for such a long time.


With 200 questions of 4 marks each, and one mark deducted for every incorrect answer, students need to adopt a suitable amalgamation of accuracy and speed to score well.


Setting an attainable daily target to accomplish this is necessary: students should aim to solve about 50-60 MCQs daily in a particular amount of time to ensure they do not fall short of time when solving the actual paper.



Focus On Strengthening All That You Know Instead Of Taking Up New, Fresh Topics


With only a handful of days left before the exams, taking up new and fresh topics does not seem like a suitable preparation method.


It is advisable for students to consolidate on the topics they know already and strengthen them instead of taking up new topics requiring more time for preparation and revision.


Students cannot possibly learn everything by heart, so knowing several topics thoroughly is better than knowing a large number of topics partially.



Rely On Your Own Notes


No matter how many study guides you end up buying, your best shot at nailing NEET PG Exam 2022 is through your own notes.


Instead of indulging in the pitfall of comparisons with other students, it is crucial to rely on your own notes, skills, and potential and focus on giving your best.


The most deadly weapon in your arsenal is nothing but you and your undeterred belief in yourself that if you can make it this far, you will undoubtedly attain this crucial milestone as well.


At the end of the day, all that matters is approaching the exam with confidence, not letting your resolve falter, and attempting it with a calm and confident mind.



Happy studying!


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