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  • May 14, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


National Recruitment Agency will conduct the Common Eligibility Test (CET) as a single exam to offer job vacancies in the non-technical and non-gazetted posts Group B and Group C posts.


NRA CET 2022 exam will be conducted twice a year and will allow the candidates to appear in three different levels.


Earlier, candidates had to appear for different exams to apply for different posts. But, with the assistance of the NRA CET exam, candidates can appear for SSC, IBPS, and RRB posts in a single shot.


With a single exam taking place for the government posts, there come various advantages as well as disadvantages of the NRA CET exam.


Some of the major pros and cons of the NRA CET exam are discussed below.



Pros of NRA CET exam


There are various pros of the NRA CET exam that will help the candidates in a great sense. Some of the prominent pros and cons are discussed below.



Application process


Earlier candidates used to apply through different application forms to appear for various government exams.


With the NRA CET exam, candidates only need to fill a single form that will be sufficient to apply for different posts offered by SSC, RRB, and IBPS recruiting agencies. 



Reduce application fee


Candidates used to pay a humungous amount of application fees for various entrance exams. With the introduction of the NRA CET 2022 exam, candidates can easily pay the application fee just in a single instance.


For NRA CET 2022 exam, candidates only need to pay a single-time payment to apply for all the posts under the SSC, RRB, and IBPS posts.



Accessibility to exam centers


According to the latest news issued by the authorities, there will be approximately 157 districts in which the exam centers will be set up.


It will further enhance the accessibility of the candidates in the rural area to appear for the entrance exam. According to the NRA, there will be approximately 1000 exam centers per district to offer more convenience to the candidates.



Multiple language mediums


NRA CET 2022 exam will be conducted in 12 languages including English and Hindi. It will reduce the language barriers for the candidates who are appearing for the exam.


Besides that, once the aspirant gives the NRA CET exam, the scorecard of the exam will be valid for three years.



Cons of NRA CET exam


With various pros of the NRA CET exam, there comes a set of cons for the NRA CET exam. Some of the major disadvantages are discussed below.



Unorganized syllabus


One of the greatest disadvantages that candidates encounter with the NRA CET exam is the unorganized syllabus. As the exam will be conducted for various posts of SSC, RRB, and IBPS.


Therefore, candidates are allotted only a unified syllabus for all the prelims which has created a lot of havoc among the candidates. Moreover, candidates are facing a lot of difficulty in preparation.


Thus, NRA should come up with a solution to resolve the issues faced by the candidates.



Two chances in a year


NRA CET exam will be conducted twice a year therefore, candidates only have the opportunity to sit for this exam twice.


If the candidate loses these two opportunities due to any reason then there is no scope for improvement and the candidate needs to wait for the next chance to attempt the exam.



Delay in exam dates


As of now, the authorities have not yet declared the dates for the NRA CET exam. It was being expected that the exam will be conducted in early 2022 but there is no evidence for the same.


All the aspirants are ardently waiting for the exam schedule so they make a more strategic plan to conquer the exam. The exam will be conducted online mode in a computer-based format.


It’s high time that candidates should start preparing for the NRA CET exam if they want to reach out to the next levels of the SSC, RRB, and IBPS exams.






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