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  • May 14, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Recently The National Testing Agency released an online Mock Test Series for aspirants preparing for the CUET 2022 on their official website. The Mock Test has been considered a game-changing tool in the preparations for any exam.


As they offer an advanced practicing routine to the aspirants and give the exact idea about the complete exam pattern and the type of questions one can expect in the examination.


Practicing Mock tests can elevate the quality of your preparations to a new level. But there should be a natural progression in preparations that will lead to taking the Mock Test Series.


While aspirants have only one goal which is to crack the CUET exam for which substantial planning is also required.


Common University Entrance Test (CUET 2022) will be conducted in either the first or the second week of July 2022. It is a single multi-university test, this is going to be a very important exam for Class 12 passing students seeking undergraduate courses in central universities.


Almost 10 lakh students are expected to appear for the 2022-23 academic session. Close to 2 months are left as soon, you start your preparation for the CUET Exam. Soon you will unlock your potential to take on the Mock Test Series.


CUET 2022 will be a computer-based test (CBT) that will be divided into a compulsory language test, two domain-specific tests, and a general test.


13 mediums of instruction will be offered, namely English, Hindi, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Odia, Assamese, Tamil, Marathi, Telugu, and Urdu.


44 Central Universities and other private universities will accept the scores of CUET 2022 in their various undergraduate programmes.



CUET 2022 Division of Sections


CUET Exam will be divided into three Sections,


Section 1A - 13 Languages


Section 1B - 20 Languages


Section 2 - 27 Domain-Specific Subjects


Section 3 - General Test


A student can opt for any Language from Section 1A & 1B each, a maximum of 6 Domain-specific subjects from a list of 27 course-specific subjects and a General Test common to all or any combination of these subjects as required by the undergraduate programme of their desired Central University for CUET 2022.



Pattern of NTA CUET 2022 Exam


The CUET exam is to be conducted in two slots.


Slot 1: 195 minutes (3:15 hours),


Slot 2: 225 minutes (3:45 hours).


The CUET Exam question paper will have a total of 175 questions out of which in sections 1 & 2 a student has to attempt 40 questions out of 50 each. While in Section 3 aspirants will be required to solve 60 questions out of 75.


Marking Scheme of CUET 2022- For every correct answer 1 mark and for every incorrect answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted.



CUET 2022 Section-wise syllabus


Section 1A & 1B – Languages from each sub-section will be tested. Questions of Literary, Narrative and Vocabulary nature will be asked from the passages.


Section 2 – Aspirants can find the syllabus for 27 domain-specific subjects on the CUET 2022 Exam website.


Section 3 – Questions of General Mental Ability, Numerical Ability, Quantitative Reasoning, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, and Logical & Analytical Reasoning will be asked in this CUET Exam section.



How can you boost your Preparation with CUET 2022 Mock Tests?


After completion of the syllabus, the natural progression preparation demands aspirants to practice as many questions as possible.


Aspirants first resort to solving sample papers for that practice but soon come to exhaustion as most of the questions in sample papers are not that challenging and are repetitive for sure.


There, according to teachers and exam experts, the role of the Mock Test Series comes to the rescue. Mock tests are the most crucial preparation tool for the following reasons,


1. They help aspirants to get rid of the fear of the unknown. As CUET 2022 will be conducted for the first time, the obvious uncertainty around the pattern, scheme and most importantly feel of the examination.


The Mock Test Series is carefully designed by the NTA to put such doubts and fear to rest. The mock test series will be the best preparation tool this time around.


2. CUET 2022 Mock Test Series have NTA certified question papers. This will give aspirants the exact idea about the type of questions that will be asked and how much time they will need to solve a section.


This will help aspirants in beating their stress regarding the CUET exam.


Apart from the above reasons to take CUET 2022 Online Mock Test Series, these test series will help you in boosting your preparation if taken regularly,



A treasure of new questions


Setting up a question paper takes a lot of effort to add to that the responsibility of Creating New Questions. As the concepts are usually the same but creativity lies in asking the aspirant to apply the same concept to real-life questions.


That’s why all the renowned educators and paper-setters reserve their new questions for mock tests. Creating a test to test your true mettle.


For the same reason, the CUET 2022 mock test is being considered as the treasurer of new questions. Practicing these takes your preparation to a whole another level.



Gauge the competition


When you are preparing alone and solving questions soon after you have read a topic. It’s easy to find the confidence to crack the question while if you fail to get the right answer soon that confidence turns to dust.


This is because you are unaware of the competition you are about to face in the real CUET exam. CUET 2022 Mock test Provide a relative platform to assess where you are standing, and what you can improve on with respect to others.


This awareness of competition will motivate you to prepare more, ultimately helping you boost your preparation.



Litmus Test of weaknesses and strengths


Every topic seems easy when you solve it from a book. The same topic when you face a Mock Test looks very different. CUET 2022 Mock Test acts as the litmus test that can quickly make you aware of your strengths and weaknesses.


So, the Mock tests are essential to re-strategies and boost your preparations. The more Mock tests you solve, the more prepared you will feel for the tests.


You will also get acquainted with the application of concepts that are more frequently asked. This way, if you solve the Mock test regularly you will be better aware.



Efficient game


The right way of taking an exam is to be ahead of time. There are so many concepts and data to read that it is not feasible to master everything in a short period.


Once you start taking CUET 2022 mock tests regularly, you will understand the best way to maximize your preparation by focusing on important topics and how you can manage your time while attempting a section.


This will improve your performance and make you more efficient in the CUET Exam.



The test is the best Revision Strategy


The more CUET 2022 mock tests you will take the more you will have to revise the subject. This will help you revise the parts often enough to remember them quickly.


And you will be able to do much better with every other attempt, making you more prepared every time.



Good Luck with CUET 2022 preparations!


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