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Retrieval Practice in Psychology: How it May Help Students for Term-2?

Retrieval Practice in Psychology: How it May Help Students for Term-2?

  • December 17, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Have you ever heard that memory is a strong tool that can save a lot of information and send it to your brain when needed?


If not, then also need not worry. We’ll discuss further how memory makes your brain so powerful and loaded with information.


And most importantly, what is the science working behind it that makes it so powerful.


Isn't it fascinating that how the brain and memory play a crucial role in remembering things!


If you are a student, then you must have witnessed that you need to remember several things for learning concepts. Besides that, you need to put forward those learnings at various instances to prove your caliber.


So, how all this is happening?


There is a phenomenon called retrieval practice that is working behind it. What’s this phenomenon? How is it working?


If you want to get the answer to these questions then keep on reading further to get a better idea about retrieval practice.



What is Retrieval Practice?


Retrieval practice is the phenomenon of bringing information to mind from memory. This information is brought by active means rather than passive means.


This implies that despite retrieving information from the senses like re-reading information or watching videos, try to bring this from the memory.


While using the retrieval practice, you will also come across a testing effect. This effect deals to check the improvement that comes in your learning capability with the retrieval practice.


But, the testing effect has no single existence as it goes hand-in-hand with the retrieval practice.



Points to remember for retrieval practice


When we start implementing something new in our lives then it is mandatory to understand its important points of application.


If we get well-versed with these points, then we can understand retrieval practice in a better fashion. So, without delaying much let's get started!


  • Retrieval practice is not something that encourages us to keep on rereading things. If you are a student then you can better understand the concept.


Retrieval practice allows you to fetch the information from the memory rather than trying to cram the things.


For instance, you have learned a particular concept for a chapter that seemed to be very difficult for you in the first place. But, somehow you learned it.


If you keep on rereading that concept then it won't show you any results. Instead, if you close the concept and put pressure on your mind to fetch the details of the concept.


You will be amazed to witness that you were able to manage to recall some pieces of information. And this is a great achievement.


  • One of the key points to start using the retrieval practice is that you should not wait for a particular time to come. If you keep on waiting then you won’t find any suitable time to start it.


Start with the retrieval practice as soon as you can. This will bore great results for you. Moreover, as soon as you start implementing it you will feel more confident.


  • Don't confuse retrieval practice with some kind of superpower that will make your brain work like extraordinary. It is learning or you can say a process that will help you build your memory.


  • Retrieval practice is accomplished in two phases: one is testing and the other is feedback. 


For instance, if you have taken a quiz and you were trying to get its answer from memory then it is testing. Once you have given the quiz then checking whether your answer is correct or not is the feedback.


  • Retrieval practice acts as a workout for your brain. You should feel it as effortful that will make your brain robust and energetic.


  • Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get the correct answer with retrieval practice. Doing this practice is beneficial in itself no matter what the outcome is.



Is it effective?


When it comes to retrieval practice then it is very important to note that whether it is effective or not.


This practice has a major impact on your memory, so no doubt it is a highly effective technique to follow. It directly impacts the process of learning.


If this technique is used in real life and imbibed in daily routine then it can show wonderful results.


It is not just about learning knowledge, but it is more about retaining those things in memory and using them at the time of need.



How it can help students?


Students are the ones who can be benefitted a lot from the retrieval practice. This practice can be adopted in the classroom by the teachers and the results it will show will be beyond your imagination.


But, now the question arises, how students can be benefitted from it?


Let’s move further to ponder over this aspect.



1. Success in learning


With the retrieval practice, you will get more success in learning than before.


For instance, if you have learned something for the coming test then you can use the retrieval practice to see the content that was retained by your mind.


Even if you were not able to answer some questions correctly with this practice, you also need not be disappointed.


There is no hard and fast rule that you will get everything correct in a single go. You can repeat it several times to correct the incorrect areas.


Even if you get the correct answers in a single go then also need not to overwhelm. You can always have room for improvement.



2. Ability to apply knowledge in different ways


Retrieval practice allows you to apply the knowledge in various innovative ways.


You can practice this approach by writing or having a conversation with other students about the knowledge. This is also a great approach in addition to the formal quizzes that help in this process.



3. Give a great source of introspection


With retrieval practice, you come to introspect whether you have learned the concept well or not. If you were not able to remember the things from your mind then, it give you a fair idea to practice more.


On the other hand, if you were able to fetch information from the memory then you can groom upon that.


In this way, your learning will go to the next level and you will feel more motivated and confident to do more.



Final Thoughts


Retrieval practice is a great technique to boost up your learning. As soon as you implement this learning technique in your daily routine, you will see wonderful results.


If you are a student and you will use this technique in your study routine then you will encounter positive changes taking place around you.


You can witness that how easily you can fetch information from your memory when needed.


Besides that, if you keep on using this technique then it will act as a great workout for your brain.


So, without any further delays, start using this technique and make your life incredible.


All The Best!


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