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  • December 21, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books



Does switching between the topics while learning is a good studying technique?


Well, for some it would work, not much for others.




Now, THE QUESTION, would it work for you?




It’ll completely ruin your concentration and focus on the topic?


Let me tell you that switching between the inter-related topics is one of the impeccable learning techniques!




This technique is primarily known by the name of the Interleaving Technique.


Now you all must be thinking, is the technique helpful? Is it only for students? And so forth.


Let's together analyze the answers to all these questions.


First things first.


What is the interleaving technique?



The interleaving technique involves switching back and forth between two related types of problems.


Understand it this way.


Suppose you want to solve Mathematics, say one chapter from Calculus and one chapter from Probability.  


Now, what you all mostly do is you divide your time in a way that you devote one hour for calculus and the next one hour for probability.


Now, try interleaving technique on this.


Solve 2-3 questions of calculus and then 2-3 questions of probability.


I know this sounds bizarre and may create a lot of confusion but… 


Repeat this for 2 hours.  


And then see the difference.


Not only you’ll have a better idea, but now you’ll have much confidence to easily switch between different types of questions.


Now here’s comes the most important question.


Why to do all this?


Why to go all the trouble and change our study method?




In the exam hall, you’re not going to encounter only one type of question. Neither the exam paper is going to categorize their questions on the basis of units. You have to have the ability to easily switch between the topics and units.




THAT’S WHEN Interleaving Technique comes to the rescue!


So, I hope now you must have the idea about the interleaving technique and IT’S IMPORTANT.


Now, let’s explore more such benefits of it.



Cold-Start Effect


The interleaving technique focuses on your exam preparation.


When you switch between the topics then you need to reload the new method in your memory instantly from the cold i.e. from scratch.


This will be very helpful for your exam preparation and make the entire learning process a lot easier.



Better Analysis Ability


With the interleaving practice, you easily switch between the questions.


This is the core thing that you require on the day of the exam. With this technique, all the methods become instantly clear in your memory.


You don’t need to recall the formula or the theory or the equation anymore. 


Moreover, you can easily choose between similar types of questions.


The interleaving technique focuses on instantly switching between different methods.


No doubt, it creates a lot of confusion.


But, with the practice of interleaving methodology, your mind will start working faster with great confidence levels.


Now, we know about it’s importance but how to implement it?


There is not even a speck of doubt that interleaving practice is quite challenging.  


When you adopt this technique in your practice sessions for the big exam, then you can see wonderful results, but before that…


The day when you start practicing this technique, then it may take an ample amount of time to get comfortable with it. 


But, as soon as you get an hold on it, you’ll realize its easiness.


Now, is this technique limited to students?




The interleaving technique is proven to be worthy for teachers as well.


If the teacher is done with a particular topic in the class, then asking students to solve the questions of the same topic wouldn’t help.


Coz, the topic is still in the temporary memory!


Instead, teacher should ask students to solve questions of the topic covered some days back, i.e., when they may forget that topic.



Final Verdict


The interleaving technique is a very powerful technique that has the power to change your learning pattern upside down.


No doubt, you will face challenges when you start using it for the very first time.


But you need to always remember that “He, who doesn’t face problems, isn’t in the right directions.”  


Apply this technique, and do write to us in the comment section how helpful it’s for you.



All The Best!






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