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  • March 05, 2022
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Time is one of the most important assets in your life.


If you don’t manage your time well, then it will take a toll on you.


Being a student, you can understand how precious your time is. When you start preparing for your board exams and don’t manage your time well, then will you be able to achieve your goal?


The answer is a big NO!!


But, have you ever thought about why you can't manage your time well?


You have an ample amount of time in your hand but still, this situation arises.


It is just that you are not being productive throughout the day.


The major reason behind this is that you try to finish more and more things instead of doing the right things.


But the question here is, what can you do to be more productive and effective throughout the day? Think over!!


Have you ever heard about Rapid Planning Method for managing your time?


If not, then also need not worry!! Keep on reading this blog till the end and you will come to know about every tit-bit of this effective method to be implemented in your life.


So, without much delay let’s have a sneak-peak into this method.



What is Rapid Planning Method?


Rapid Planning Method, commonly known as RPM, is a simple and effective method proposed by motivational speaker Tony Robbins'.


It is an amazing and top-notch method that teaches you how you can plan your day and manage your time.


If you can achieve so, then, you can achieve various strides in your life.


Your brain is always rushing behind things and if you skip on some things, then you have: "I am too busy" type of mindset.


But, this technique has come to a step ahead of this mindset so you get the full authority of your day.


In the acronym RPM, all three letters stand for results, purpose, and massive action.


All of them collectively play a vital role in designing your day and making you more throughout the day.



How to use RPM?


Now, you must be wondering I am a student, what do I have to do with this technique? And, above all, even if there are benefits then, how I can use it?


To get an answer to your queries, you have to patiently go through this section and see what it has to offer you.


RPM uses a five-step action plan to make a difference in your life. Go through every step and see what you can do.



Step 1: Capture


How will you make your day productive without knowing what you want to do in a day?


So, the very first step is to capture all the details of the things that you want to accomplish in a day.


You can make a to-do list to have those tasks at a much handy level. Sometimes you are not even aware that most of the things that you want to accomplish in a day are inter-related.


When you write them, only then you can understand their relevance.


For instance, you want to complete one assignment, prepare a chemistry topic, practice with a mock test, go through the revision notes of physics, etc. to accomplish in your day.


Till the time you don't capture it, you won't be able to analyze what you want from the day.


So, use this step as a stepping stone for capturing information for your day.



Step 2: Create an RPM Plan


Once you have captured all the things, its’s time to devise an RPM plan that will show you a true mirror of your day. It involves going through all the three phases of result, purpose, and massive action plan.


1. Result


While planning your day, you need to be very clear about the outcome of the day. Poke yourself with the question "What do I want to achieve in this day?"


To have clarity about this, you must have your crystal clear answer to this question.


For example, if you want to complete one sample paper of Maths for board preparation by the end of the day, then you should be clear with this agenda in your mind.


When you have a clear result about what you want, then your brain will work in that direction to help you achieve that.



2.  Purpose


There is no use in blindly doing 'n' number of things in your day if you don't have any idea about why you want to do it.


If you don't have a concrete reason behind doing something, then you won't be interested and ultimately, you won’t give your 100% in that work.


For example, if you want to complete a sample paper then find the reason behind solving it. You will analyze that you want to score exceptionally well in board exams.


This will act as a driving force for your work.  



3. Massive Action Plan


Now, you are well-versed with what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve. Therefore, put your best efforts to achieve that goal into a massive action plan.


Channelize, how you can easily put it in action and turn tables for you. So, make a dedicated plan to save your time and utilize it to the maximum potential.



Step 3: Commit and Schedule


Once you know what you want to achieve throughout the day, you need to commit yourself to the work.


Prioritize your tasks!!


Mark the ones that are most important and accomplish them on the same day. Don't set unrealistic goals for accomplishing the task.


No doubt, there will be some things left from the day. But, make sure that they are not that important and you can shift those things to the next day or next week.


Always remember that 80% of work is done with 20% of the effort. Make sure that you choose 20% of your work wisely for the day.



Step 4: Complete and Achieve


Make sure that you don’t run behind doing all the things in a single go. You should be well aware that which tasks you want to complete and how you want to complete them.


Seek how you can meticulously complete your tasks. From all the tasks in your list, try to complete at least 50% of the tasks.


For example, make sure that you practice answer writing when you have to solve the sample paper for top-notch performance in board exams.



Step 5: Celebrate


There is no use in working recklessly if you don't take out a moment to appreciate your efforts.


You need self-motivation and that can be only inculcated if you feel accomplished.


So, take out time at the end of the day or the end of the week to celebrate your accomplishments. You can enjoy something that you like or eat something you like.


This will give you a great feeling and will help you maintain the momentum at which you were working.


You will also get the idea about all the things that you were able to accomplish and how hard you thought them to be in the first instance.


Believe me, this will make you elated!!





RPM is a one-stop solution to effectively manage your day. With this technique, you can make the most of your time without any procrastination.


You just need to be sure of what you want and why you want.


This will ignite your inner desire to give your uninterrupted focus for those things.


So, give a shot to this technique for your routine and see what benefits it has in store for you.


All the best!



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