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What is the Exam Pattern of ISC Class 12th Exam 2025?

What is the Exam Pattern of ISC Class 12th Exam 2025?

  • June 18, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

12th board is one of the biggest turning points in one's academic journey. Thus, you must start preparing soon as well as map out your study material in a way that will guide you to success.

Are you neck-deep in books already preparing for ISC? Or are you thinking that your ISC class 12 books just help you get through the syllabus but not the exam pattern? Well, if your answer is yes, then it is time for you to start solving the ISC sample paper to get acquainted with the exam pattern.

But before that, we must know what is the ISC 12th board exam pattern.

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ISC Exam Pattern

The purpose of the ISC exam pattern is to bring a structure as well as promote fair evaluation. It also helps students to prepare better. Knowing about the structure guides the students in their preparation. This way, the students won't be aiming in the dark during the preparation.

The theory papers are worth 80 marks but with the addition of MCQs, more weightage is given to the competency-based questions. This helps the students with critical thinking which will in turn help them with competitive exams. Knowing this helps the students to prepare accordingly. Previously, students used to focus on long answers but with this change in pattern, students need to sharpen their critical thinking. The ISC class 12 question bank is a great way to practice for the MCQs.

However, the rest of the 20 marks are solely allocated to projects and practicals. But there is an exception for two subjects, English and Hindi, or any other second language paper. These papers are a 100-mark paper. The students must score a minimum of 40% to pass ISC.

Why ISC Sample Papers Are Beneficial To ISC Exam Pattern

ISC class 12 books help you grab the knowledge of the syllabus but without the help of the ISC class 12 question bank or the sample papers it will get difficult for the students to be completely prepared for the boards.

  • They help you to identify the weak areas that need improvement
  • They help you to manage time
  • They help build confidence as the students get familiarise with the exam pattern


Let's Wrap Up

With the competition increasing in the education landscape students must start preparing as soon as possible. But using your ISC class 12 books to learn the syllabus will not just be enough you must acquaint yourself with the exam pattern as well. The sample papers and question banks are all very helpful tools to get ahead in your preparation game.

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The more prepared and confident you are, the better your exams will be, and you will surely pass with flying colours. This is just the first step towards your dream college.

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