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  • April 01, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


The full form of ICSE is the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. It is one of the most prominent boards for offering education to students.


It offers a vast and lengthy syllabus that focuses on offering in-depth knowledge of every aspect to the students.


The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is a private and non-governmental board responsible for conducting board exams in the country.


ICSE and ISC are the two exams conducted by the CISCE. It was set up in 1956 during the meeting of the Inter-State Board for Anglo-Indian Education in which a proposal was adopted for revolutionizing India.


Those students who have just completed Class X sit for The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Examination in India.


Students have to choose seven subjects out of which there are four compulsory subjects and three have a choice of subjects.


On similar grounds, those students who are completing Class XII will sit for the Indian School Certificate (ISC) Examination.


English is a compulsory subject for ISC candidates and except it, they can choose three, four, or five subjects based on their choice for giving the exam.


CISCE doesn't give admission to private candidates, unlike the CBSE board. Students are only allowed to give exams in English and there is no other Indian language available for taking the exam.


All the states even have their separate state board.


CISCE is responsible for offering premium and high-quality educated to the students in the country to meet the international standards of education.


The board keeps on evolving with the latest curriculum and exam pattern so that students can take the maximum out of the curriculum and their learning is increased ten-folded.


The ICSE is only responsible for offering schooling from Classes 1 to 10. There are approximately 2,300 schools in India that are affiliated with the CISCE board of education.


With ICSE you can take exams in six subjects and Socially Useful Productive Work. ICSE primarily focuses on extensive learning. Moreover, ICSE encourages application-based learning for the students.


All the subjects in ICSE have been divided into three groups in which the first list contains the mandatory subjects and you can select the subject of your choice in the second and third lists.


Most of the parents are of the notion that the CBSE Standard of Education is not up to the mark of ICSE standards in India.


ICSE lays proper emphasis on subjects like English and English literature. Moreover, the ICSE board is one of the most flexible boards.



Pros and Cons of ICSE Board




1. All the subjects are given equal importance on ICSE board and more focus is laid on practical knowledge


2. The students who want to pursue their careers in management and humanities will be benefitted to a great extent from the ICSE board in a more exciting and worthwhile.


3. All the foreign schools and universities accept the ICSE certifications rather than the CBSE certification


4. Students from the ICSE board have more flair for going for TOEFL than any other board exams


5. Students have the entire flexibility of selecting specific subjects in the ICSE board






1. Due to the extensive syllabus, students might feel that the subjects are creating a burden on their entire life


2. The evaluation process is very strict in the ICSE board which can directly affect the marks of the students.






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