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  • February 24, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


You would agree with me when I say that we are living in an age of technological revolution.


Everything is digitized and technologically advanced. Be it shopping, entertainment, or news, you do not have to go through extra efforts to get what you want.


However, students are at times left disappointed in this context. There are various e-learning platforms that are widely popular but only a few of them can provide quality educational material, let alone the affordability.


Speaking of affordability, affordability is precisely the reason why students prefer Oswaal Books.


And now about the technological advancement and educational digitization, Oswaal Books has recently launched a new program, named Oswaal 360 that helps students get better idea of the exam patterns, digitally.  


Besides, it will also provide quality-based solved question papers, exam tips and different techniques to excel in your exams.



What makes Oswaal 360 better than others?


With the digital platforms revolutionizing education, only a few of them have paid attention to the quality of the content they provide.


It is important to think outside the box and look for innovative methodologies to make students learn more and learn well and that too affordable to all.


That’s why Oswaal 360 is an ambitious and impactful attempt of Oswaal Books to combine the idea of educational necessity and technological advancements.


It will help students be aware of the modern developments and prepare them for their exams at the same time, without taking much green out of their pockets.


Earlier, students used to go coaching classes and get heaps of notes that were partially effective and quite unbearable to read.


With Oswaal 360, you have all your notes, solved question papers, and other learning materials at one place and you can study anywhere and anytime you want to, without constantly buying new books.


Also, there’s no requirement of carrying books everywhere you go and no shuffling of pages to check your answer with the correct ones at the back of the book.


With Oswaal 360, everything is practically right on your screen and just a touch away.



What makes Oswaal 360 unique?


For students preparing for their board exams, Oswaal 360 has chapter-wise MCQs that will help them get a proper idea of board exams.


Apart from that, Oswaal 360 also provides mind maps, concept videos, Mnemonics, revision tools, quizzes, mock question papers, daily practice papers, and weekly practice papers that help students score well in their exams.


At Oswaal 360, we know that time is an extremely important element when you are preparing for exams, and we do not want you to waste your time matching your answers or mugging up concepts without understanding them.


Oswaal 360 provides on-the-spot analysis with live score updates and detailed answer keys with ‘topper’s answers’ that will not only save your time but will also give you a sense of how to write your answers in order to score well in your examinations.


There are many students, who are not aware of the latest changes made by CBSE in their marking schemes and question modules.


The worst part is, there are many websites and educational platforms that misguide students with unclear concepts and information.


Oswaal 360 has made it comparatively easier to study and memorize educational concepts.


It has further made the act of studying quite involving and enriching, where students study not only to score well, but also to understand the concepts so they can apply them in their lives as well.



Why Oswaal 360 is best for CBSE & CISCE Board?


Oswaal Books is one of the few educational firms that has become widely trusted because of its well-researched content, dedicated team, and the attention to detail.


Students who use Oswaal study materials have stated that they appreciate Oswaal’s content and incorporation of latest updates. Students are often left confused and unanswered when new methodologies and changes are made in the exam pattern.


Oswaal 360 is a well-thought attempt to not only explain the changes to students, but also prepare them for it.


For example, the latest CBSE marking schemes are elaborately covered along with the case-based, assertation reason, and stand-alone questions. It helps students to be aware of the changes and perform well in exams.


Many students have stated that they are facing some problems in understanding the concepts of e-assessments. They are not well-informed as to how these changes will affect their marks and how their performances in exams will be evaluated.


Oswaal 360 provides extensive details about e-assessments and how this entire thing is related to the exam performance of students. There are different concepts introduced by the CBSE and even the best educational companies are not able to explain it properly.


Oswaal books, with its team of experienced researchers and educationists have assessed the changes and analysed their effects.


They will not only give you a clear idea of how these changes can impact your result, but will also tell you how you can use these opportunities to score well in the upcoming exams.



Wrapping it Up!


If you wish to use Oswaal 360 but are not sure if you would like it, we totally understand your confusion and uncertainty.


Oswaal 360 provides free trial of the materials so students can get a fair idea of what they are going to experience. If you like what you see on Oswaal 360, you can select your course and subscribe Oswaal 360 for unlimited educational benefits.


It is quite important to select the right course. To ease the process, Oswaal 360 has made the first chapter of all the subject accessible for free. You can go through the first chapter and get the idea of the content made available.


If you want to access study materials of different subjects, you can create your customized bundle and subscribe for them at a discount price.


Get the Oswaal 360 today, and improve your scorecard right away! Get it directly from here



All the Best!




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