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What Type of Questions Asked in Olympiad Exams?

What Type of Questions Asked in Olympiad Exams?

  • April 29, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Olympiad exams are held nationally and worldwide. The exam encourages students who are at the same level academically to compete with each other. It is considered to be one of the toughest exams. The exam helps students develop a competitive mindset and test their knowledge in different subjects. The Olympiad Exam is prepared on the basis of CBSE/ICSE and State Board Syllabuses. It is divided into 3 sections to test the student's overall knowledge.

1- Subjective Questions

2- Logical Reasoning 

3- High Order Thinking Section (HOTs)

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The format remains the same for English, Maths, Science, General Knowledge, Computer, and Social Studies Exam for Class 1st to 10th. The exam pattern includes problem-based figures, series completion, odd one out, coding-decoding, mirror images, embedded figures, symmetry, and alphabetical test questions. For each class, the questions are different, and so is the difficulty level. The questions are set based on the student's ability to reason and solve logically. 

Olympiad exams are extremely beneficial to students as they foster a competitive spirit among them. They foster logical thinking and increase mental ability. 

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How to be Prepared for the exam?

1- Know and understand the syllabus. Know the topics, break it down. Get valid resources to study them and practice daily.

2- Solving Previous Year Question Papers helps in preparing a solid base and becoming acquainted with the type of questions that will come forward. 

3- Make Notes while you are studying for Olympiad Exam. 

4- Practice as much as you can and from multiple resources. 

5- Identify and work on your weaker areas. 

6- Time your questions while you practice; this will improve your speed and help you think on your feet.


7- One of the many advantages of taking Olympiad Exams is that it helps you think logically and on your feet. It makes you prepare for bigger competitive exams that you may have to take after school to get into college. 

These exams prepare you for big competitive exams, which one has to appear after completing school. The Olympiad Exams are conducted by various organizations in schools through online or offline mode. Parents must encourage their kids to take up Olympiad Exams as they are held on a large scale and analyze a student’s abilities and effectiveness. The Olympiad increases the confidence of students and allows them to grow mentally and academically. 

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