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What Types of Questions are asked in the GATE Exam?

What Types of Questions are asked in the GATE Exam?

  • June 14, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is the most sought-after examination for prospective engineers in India. The GATE not only offers a way to prestigious Master's programs, PhD opportunities and preferred placements in public sector companies. But, understanding the test format as well as question types is of utmost importance if you wish to tame this beast.

The blog post will look at different types of questions that will be present in the GATE Exam 2025 that can help you face the exam with confidence.

Cracking the Format:

In 2025, the GATE Exam will be conducted on computers and last three hours. This means that all questions in the paper are objective, and there are no subjective or descriptive questions.

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Understanding Different Types of Questions:

There are two main types of questions asked during GATE Exam 2025 namely:

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs): These are commonly used question types in GATE examinations. Each MCQ includes a question stem and four answer choices, of which only one is correct. You have to choose the best option based on your conceptual grasp and application skills.

Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions: Contrary to MCQs, the NAT type expects you to arrive at a numerical answer that needs to be fed directly into the computer system. Depending on what was requested by the given question, this response could be a single number, a decimal or even a complex number. Remember that accuracy should not be missed because any slight calculation mistake may lead to a wrong response.


Exam Pattern Variations (Subject Wise):

Though MCQs and NATs remain the prominent forms of questioning, there might exist slight variations within certain GATE papers such as GG, XE & XL. In order to know about any subject-wise pattern changes it would be mandatory to refer either official GATE brochure or any reliable sources like GATE 2025 Previous Year Solved Papers.

Understanding the Weightage:

Normally, the GATE Exam 2025 question paper contains 65 questions that carry a total of 100 marks. The division between MCQs and NATs may vary depending on the discipline. Knowing weightage for a particular subject can be achieved by referring to GATE Books 2025 or official notifications, which in turn can help you plan your exam approach.

Tips to Ace the Question Types:

Practice Makes Perfect: Solving MCQs and NATs from previous years' GATE papers, as well as trustworthy mock tests should become a habit. GATE Previous Year Solved Papers are very useful resources that will enlighten you about the types of questions asked and their level of complexity.

Conceptual Clarity is Key: Remember to understand concepts instead of simply cramming formulas. Even in the case of new or twisted questions, this knowledge will enable you to deal with them effectively.

Time Management is Crucial: Develop a time management strategy that allows you to attempt all questions within the given span. Taking mock tests in timed conditions will help improve your examination temperament.

Accuracy Over Speed: Although speed matters, focus more on accuracy. In GATE Exam 2025, it is better to have an answer properly calculated than a hastily guessed response.

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To conquer GATE and achieve your academic ambitions, all you need is a focused approach and a strategic understanding of question types. Then, you can familiarize yourself with the exam format and question types and practice diligently through resources like GATE Previous Year Solved Papers as well as GATE Books 2025.

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