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  • April 09, 2022
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Oswaal's book is undoubtedly one of the best choices for ICSE semester 2 class 10 chemistry. It contains all the concepts with crystal clear explanations.


This book is not only responsible for clearing your concepts but also acts as a gateway for better learning practices with mind maps and mnemonics.


ICSE is an independent board of education system that is known to offer high-quality education for the students. Its main aim is to offer practical and real-time knowledge to the students rather than only giving theoretical knowledge.


This allows the students to explore their creativity and talent. ICSE Class 10 Chemistry Books can be referred while studying for the Chemistry exam.


These books will assist you in covering the ICSE Class 10 Chemistry syllabus as per the board guidelines.


ICSE board has not formulated any designated books for the ICSE class 10. And, to score well in Chemistry students can refer to various other reference books that are best suited for Chemistry.


ICSE Class 10 Chemistry books comprise chemical formulas, reactions, equations, numerical problems, etc. If you want to score good marks in Chemistry then you should keep on practicing your concepts from these books.


You can go for books like Oswaal books for Chemistry, Together With Chemistry Class X, Concise Chemistry ICSE Class 10, Science for 10th Class: Chemistry, etc.


These are some of the good books that have comes with enhanced and high-quality study material for your Chemistry exam preparation.



Tips to score good marks in Chemistry


1. Be familiar with the syllabus


Before making a timetable for the preparation for Chemistry, it is advisable to get acquainted with the syllabus for the exam. Make sure that you know the weightage of each chapter before starting with the preparation.


This will assist you in easy and smooth preparation for the Chemistry exam.



2. Prepare study notes


While studying, always have a habit of making point-wise notes of everything you find important, including chemical formulas and reactions.


It will immensely help to recall the details during the examination. It will even make your study systematic by offering you in-depth knowledge of the topics to study.


Chemistry is more conceptual understanding. So, try to develop an interest in understanding the concepts rather than mugging them up.



3. Start preparing early


You should start preparing for Chemistry at the earliest. It is a conceptual subject that requires a proper understanding of the topics. So, it will take ample time to grasp those concepts by heart.


If you are someone who faces a lot of challenges while solving the numerical portion, then also you should start preparing for the subject at the earliest.



4. Practice previous year's question papers


Practicing the previous year's questions act as a great excellent point for scoring good marks in the Chemistry exam.


By solving the previous year's questions, you come across the pattern of the exam and the marking scheme trends being followed.


When you solve previous year's questions, you will also get a fair chance to improve your memory. This will ultimately help you on the day of the exam to easily write the answers without getting stuck anywhere.



5. Work on your weak areas


To score exceptionally well in Chemistry, you should lay proper emphasis on working upon your weak areas. You will come across your weak areas when you start solving the latest sample papers for ICSE Class 10 Chemistry.


This will give you an idea of where you are lacking and you can work upon those areas within the stipulated time that you have in your hand before the examination to score well in Chemistry.






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