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  • April 11, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


You can use the books prescribed by the school for the ICSE semester 2 board. Apart from that, you can go for additional books like Oswaal books to get in-depth knowledge of the topics and concepts for the semester 2 board.


If you are a student of the ICSE board then you should grab the ICSE books specifically designed by CISCE to prepare from the examination standpoint.  


ICSE books and ICSE syllabus serve as the key components that you must possess to prepare well for the ICSE semester 2 board exams.


In the ICSE textbooks, you get the opportunity to learn complex concepts in a simplified manner for enhanced preparation.


You can easily download the ICSE textbooks in pdf format from the online resources. You just need to visit the website and you are good to go with the learning.


These textbooks will allow you to learn the concepts extensively and will help you focus on your exam preparation. If you download the pdf format of the books then you can access them anywhere you go and not compromise on your learning.


These books not only act as an asset for the students but will also help the teachers in a great sense. Teachers can use the books to allot the assignments and set the question paper for the exams.


They are an essential part of the CISCE curriculum and if you want to score well then you should go through them by heart. For the board exams, going through prescribed ICSE textbooks will help you in a great sense.


You can even refer to these books to complete your assignments and projects allotted by teachers. They will help you get an in-depth knowledge of the concepts and topics of any subject.


They are the best preparation material that offers you an adequate amount of knowledge to succeed in the exam.


CISCE doesn’t publish any designated book for the ICSE board exams therefore you can go for the books that abide by the ICSE curriculum.


Instead of struggling for finding the topics from one book to another to understand the concepts properly, go for the one that stands by the ICSE standards.



Tips to score well according to the subjects


1. English


To score exceptionally well in English papers I and II, you should lay proper emphasis on improving your vocabulary and grammar.



2. Mathematics


Read the question paper very carefully to avoid any sort of silly mistakes while answering the questions. Pay proper attention to the scoring chapters and revise important formulas on daily basis to avoid any future troubles.



3. Science


Physics, Chemistry, and Biology will together account for the Science subject.


To score well in a Physics paper, you must have a strong grip on the derivation and numerical problems of various topics.


Practice chemical formulas, reactions, chemical equations, and numerical problems regularly to score well in the Chemistry portion.


Biology lays more emphasis on the diagrams and technical terms that you will encounter in various topics. Practice these terms well and practice the diagrams to score well for Biology.



4. Social Sciences


History, Civics, and Geography will together comprise the social science paper. You should try to understand the concepts of Civics and History rather than mugging them up.


Also, practice the map work to score well in the Geography portion. This can even help you score full marks.






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