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  • May 08, 2022
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The exam previously known as CUCET (Central Universities Common Entrance Test) has now been revamped as CUET (Central University Entrance Test) for the year 2022.


Sitting in this exam is pertinent for anyone wishing to take admission in one of the 45 central universities at an undergraduate or postgraduate level - and this now also includes those wishing to get into DU!


All students who have either completed their grade 12 education or are planning to complete it in the year 2022 will be eligible to sit for the undergraduate version of the CUET.


Something that you will need to factor in is whether the university that you wish to apply to has any age eligibility criteria.


As far as the postgraduate test is concerned, the candidate must hold a graduate degree (or an equivalent) if they wish to appear for this exam!



When will CUET 2022 be held?


The final dates for the exams have not yet been announced, but we can expect them to occur somewhere at the start of July. The time right now is the most crucial for all those students who are preparing to appear in the CUET exam.


Right now, you need to free your mind and your surroundings of all distractions and solely focus on putting all your efforts into preparation. But why must we do that?



Why is the CUET exam so important?


Previously, there did not exist one exam that you could appear in for all 45 central universities, and this presents a pertinent opportunity.


Without standard exams like this, students have to heavily rely on their grades from class 12 to let them into universities, and that can sometimes turn the situation messy.


What CUET does is that it presents an equal opportunity for all kids to sit in for one final race till the end. One chance for everyone to do their best and appear for an exam that treats everyone across the board as equals.


Another critical factor concerning university admissions now is that CUET allows candidates to pick their subjects. Students no longer have to fall because of subjects they just cannot seem to conquer.


With the CUET, you pick your strong suit and play to it. It doesn’t matter how well you perform in your compulsory subjects from grade 12, as long as you’ve made a wise choice while picking your CUET subjects and do well in them!


The CUET presents a fair system of admissions to universities. The cut-off system that was followed till now will no longer be relevant.


Instead, your grade 12 marks and a significant chunk of how you perform in your CUET will decide on which university you go to. For many, this presents an opportunity to start over!



A ray of hope for aspiring candidates


It no longer matters if you could not give your best during previous years. Here’s your chance at a do-over. Sit down for the CUET preparations today and give it your best.


It’s not every day that you get presented with an opportunity to go to top universities around the country, so give it your absolute best.



Preparing for CUET


Once you’ve understood the sheer importance behind CUET, the next step is to get into your gear. This test needs to be your topmost priority for the next three months.


The university determines many aspects of a person’s life: their career aspirations, the circle they roll in, the opportunities they find for the future, the connections they make, and much more.


And for once, students have an equal opportunity to write this future for themselves. So, nothing should distract you from that, right?


We present you a few pointers to help you along the way:


1. Understand the exam pattern well. CUET has 175 questions divided into three distinct sections, out of which you need to attempt 140 questions in total.


Knowing these divisions is crucial to organizing your preparatory phase according to them.


2. Know the syllabus for the subjects you appear in. The official website of the NTA has detailed syllabus guides for all the 27 subjects that one can choose from for the CUET.


Make sure you have gone through them and picked suitable study materials for yourself.


3. Make an elaborated timetable. This will come in handy during the preparation and allow you to keep yourself in check while ensuring that none of your time is lost.


4. Keep practicing! Everyone has different ways to accomplish this, but the best approach is to do a bit of everything. Attempt past papers, solve mock exams, have study sessions, and practice by yourself repeatedly until you can attempt the exam in your sleep.


Remember, your future depends on this.


5. Finally, do not allow stress to take over, and do not let your motivation fade. This time might be challenging, but your faith in yourself and your abilities will allow you to get through it. Make sure you don’t lose that along the way!





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