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  • December 13, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Are you a student who has just given the term 1 exams and is planning to kick start preparation for term 2?

But, these are just the initial days of the second term. So, is the sample papers a viable option for the preparation?

They are not!!

Sample papers are meant to check your revision and your preparation in the few weeks. What to do now?

How to start with the exam-ready preparation?

To resolve your problem, you can take assistance from Question banks. But, how are they going to be beneficial for term 2 just from the starting of the term?

If you want an answer to your questions and get convinced with the benefits of the question banks for term 2 exams, then keep on reading till the end.

By moving on further, you will come across some of the key benefits why you should start solving question banks for term 2 like:

# Offer a taste of exam pattern

# Great practice source

# Enhances speed and accuracy

And so on. So, let’s just instantly shift our focus to see how these question banks act as a great asset for your term 2 preparation. Let’s get started.



1. Offer a taste of the exam pattern


Excelling term 2 board exams becomes way easier when you are well acquainted with the exam pattern.

Every exam has a different pattern to follow. Question banks are extensively designed to offer you the true jest of the examination.

If you solve question banks sufficiently that you get a general idea about the pattern of the exam. You can get the question bank for every subject to get a fair idea about that subject.

Every subject has a different marking scheme to follow.

For instance, you go through the official website of the board to check the marking scheme of the subject but you don’t understand it clearly. Then solving the question banks will help you a lot.

Besides that, by solving the questions you will also see potentially important questions. You will also witness the way to attempt those questions so you don’t face any hindrance during exam times.

For solving the question banks, you need not wait till the last moment. The earlier you start with these question banks, the more familiar you will become with the exam pattern.



2. Great practice source


Question banks offer you the greatest pool of questions. No matter which subject's question bank you go for in the first place, you will start gaining confidence in solving the questions.

For instance, when you encounter the questions in the exam for the very first time, you become nervous. Even if you know everything then also you are not able to perform well.

This drawback is encountered when you haven’t done enough practice for the exam. Knowing everything won’t help you perform exceptionally well. It’s your practice that will help you do so.

Besides that, while solving the question banks you will realize that time is the ultimate thing in the entire exam.

The more you practice, the more fluent you become in answer writing. And your thought process will also become faster.

Question banks offer you all this privilege well in advance before the actual exam.

So, you should never neglect the power of question banks in your journey of exams preparation.



3. Enhances speed and accuracy


Term 1 exams were conducted in MCQ format that has made you lose the speed and accuracy that you were having for answer writing.

No one knows how the future situation might be. But, thinking on the brighter side, if everything goes well then term 2 exams will be descriptively taken in offline mode.

To ace the term 2 exams, you need to practice descriptive answer writing for all the latest typologies.

In addition to speed, you need to maintain accuracy as well so you can complete your exam well in time.

When you are struggling to find ways to overcome this problem, then question banks come to the rescue.

You will encounter every typology of the question and a sufficient amount of questions. If you religiously practice from the question banks, then you will have a good command of speed and accuracy.

Moreover, you will also be able to perform phenomenally well under the pressure of the exam.


  1. Boosts confidence

When you start solving question banks then you do not only get an idea about the exam pattern and syllabus but your confidence is also boosted.

The more questions you practice, the more flair and comfort you will get with them. When you start solving these question banks at an early stage then you have enough time to introspect.

While solving the question papers, you easily come to know the areas where you need more attention. In addition to that, you also get familiar with the areas you are good at.

This will offer you a great opportunity to work on your weak points. And ultimately, you will gain more confidence with those concepts as well.

Start solving the question banks as soon as you can. It will help to give a new dimension to your preparation. 


  1. Offer innovative ways to prepare

Preparing for term 2 board exams is not similar for everyone. Some are good at grasping theory while others find it very boring.

Question banks are extensively designed to offer a fun way of learning. Studies have also revealed that one can better understand pictures.

These question banks come bundled with mind maps, mnemonics, and revision notes that come very handy for your preparation.

When you start using these innovative learning techniques then you feel a great sense of satisfaction. Besides that, these techniques are very helpful when you get stuck in an exam.

For the last-minute revisions, you need not go through the entire chapter as you need to utilize your time wisely. In this situation, the revision notes come as a blessing in disguise.



Final Thoughts

Question banks are a great way to kick start your preparation for term 2 board exams.

By now, you must have encountered some of the key benefits of the question banks that will accelerate your preparation. They are the greatest pool of questions that will make your preparation easier.

Perfection comes with practice. So always remember this key and never underestimate the power of practice. It will help you score the highest marks and further boost your confidence.

You will perform exceptionally well in your exam if you have to pay proper attention to your practice.

So, without delaying much grab the question banks and start practicing.


All the Best!!

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