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  • August 09, 2022
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The CBSE board examination is considered one of the most important examination in a student’s career. Students face a tremendous pressure of appearing the examinations and performing good in them.

Anxiety and stress problems are common among the students due to pressure. Starting the preparation as soon as possible after the initiation of the academic year will be the key to score good marks in these examinations.

This will help and individual a lot to proceed with proper timing and planning, so that one can just execute it properly. As a student of class 10, you must plan an idea for preparation for the remaining days and follow the same strictly.

In this article, we will help you by guiding you in a right way of what you should do and what not in order to secure a good marks in the scorecard.

There are some important key points one should strictly follow to become successful in these kinds of examinations in a short period of time:


1. Know your capabilities: one should always have an idea of themselves, about what they are capable of and what not.

Knowing your limitations and planning accordingly is always better than beating around the bush and neglecting the present.


2. Study the concepts thoroughly of NCERT: Your focus mainly should be on strengthening the concepts through NCERT in these last 40 days. Read all the chapters carefully and mark the weak part from the chapters.

This is very important for a student who is appearing for CBSE board exams. The way to score maximum marks is by covering every topic from the textbooks. Direct answers from NCERT textbooks could provide them full marks.


3. Thorough Revision: An important factor that plays a important role in helping you score good marks in the CBSE Class 10th board exams is maximum rounds of revision.

Go through the complete syllabus once or twice in these 40 days to ensure a high score in the exam. This will help you build up the confidence and willpower to succeed in your final day.

Being consistent with sincere revisions is the key to a good score.


4. Practicing sample papers: one of the most easiest and helpful way to prepare for the examination is by solving last year’s sample papers.

With sample papers you will get the idea of variety and level of questions which have been asked by the exam authorities over these many years and secondly it’ll help you manage time by evaluating your speed to solve the paper.


5. Reading handwritten notes on regular basis: To score well in these kind of examination, one must need to be familiar with syllabus proper.

Covering of each and every part of the syllabus won’t be feasible. So the best way to prepare in such a limited time is making handwritten notes and following it.


This routine will help a candidate a lot in preparing sincerely. It is prepared considering the capacity of an average student, so it will be effective for every promising candidate.

Staying focussed is most important thing during studying. Avoiding electronic gadgets during preparation could prove right for some cases. Although mobile phones can play an important role in one’s success.

No one can continuously study a single subject for 5-6 hrs. Instead prefer mixing up subject and reading them for 5-6 hrs. Do not make the plan complex. Focus more on implementing rather than just planning.



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