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5 Must-Do Steps To Score Maximum In CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2023

5 Must-Do Steps To Score Maximum In CBSE Class 10 Board Exams 2023

  • September 12, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


CBSE Class 10 Board examinations are crucial for most students. Students face board examinations for the first time in their 10th standard.

Before the 10th standard, they compete among students from their own school. However, in board examinations, they compete with the tenth graders from across the country.

If you need some guidance and support from us in order to boost your confidence before the boards, keep reading!.

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Tips for CBSE Class 10 Exams:

1. Follow a single teacher

Class lectures are one of the best ways to prepare for exams systematically. Be consistent with going to school and attending lectures.

Whenever you are studying, give it all of your attention, and you will need no external help.

When you return home, spend a couple of hours revising what was taught. This will ensure you understand and memorize everything that is required.

We suggest you follow a single teacher for each subject instead of multiple teachers for your CBSE Class 10 exmaination. This is because every teacher has their own way of teaching, pace, and test patterns.

Students often get confused and lost if they try to follow multiple teachers or books.

2. Solve sample papers

We can not emphasize enough how important it is to solve sample papers for CBSE Class 10 examinations.

You can get sample papers in the form of individual papers, a book of solved and unsolved papers, a book of the combined question papers from the past 10 years, etc.

These sample papers are available for almost every subject and can be easily found at any stationary shop or a bookstore. While answering the questions at the end of each topic is important, solving sample papers is even more important.

This gives you an idea about the type of questions you can expect in your board examination.

It will give students an idea about the format of each paper, and they can plan their examinations accordingly.

3. Don’t leave anything for the end

Students often tend to leave certain topics for the end even during CBSE Class 10. We think this is the most harmful as students generally don’t give these chapters enough attention.

This habit of leaving things for later also creates unnecessary pressure during the end of the term.

While students don’t realize how many topics they are leaving, they can pile up and become unmanageable. We advise our students to finish their syllabus for each subject at least 2 months prior to the exams.

This will give students enough time to revise, practice sample papers, and work on their weak topics.

4. Make notes for each subject

We suggest that students make separate notes for each subject. For instance, whenever you study for a chapter in English, make notes for that chapter.

Highlight the important parts and underline what you think is important. You can also mark the areas that you think are your weak points, so that when you revise that chapter, you can pay extra attention to that part.

This will help students cover each part and understand the chapter thoroughly. These notes will also help you when your exams are near and don’t have time to read through the entire chapter.

Going through the important lines will help you revise the entire chapter quickly and systematically.

5. Make your study place

Have a designated place for your studies. When you have a corner of your house dedicated to studying, it helps stay dedicated and focused. This should be a place that has plenty of light and the least disturbance.


CBSE Class 10 Board examinations are not as difficult as they sound.

While we understand that the competition among students increases during CBSE Class 10  examinations if you prepare well and give it your best shot, it is not a very difficult nut to crack.

Believe in yourself and study hard. While we do not recommend that students study the entire day, we do advise that you focus entirely on your studies without getting distracted. 

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