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5 Proven Study Hacks For Class 10 Board Exam Students

5 Proven Study Hacks For Class 10 Board Exam Students

  • September 12, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

For the class 10 students, if a Genie appeared with two wishes the students are sure to ask for good memory retention, and maximum score in board exams.

Fortunately, there are several ways students can augment their brainpower and therefore, maximise their scores in board exams.

Here are the 5 expert study hacks for class 10 students who need to boost their brain power and memory retention and improve their scorecard.

5 Study Hacks for Class 10


1. Keep Your Attention Focused!

Attention is significantly related to several major components of short-term memory.

It is crucial for information to travel effectively from the short-term memory to the long-term memory to turn into easily memorable knowledge, which is not possible without giving sole attention and actively attending to what one is studying.


2. Isolation is Must  

It is crucial to study in a place devoid of distractions of all sorts, such as music, television, chatter, and other interruptions.

Although getting rid of such distractions is not always practical or possible, especially when a student lives in a dorm with chattering roommates, an area surrounding a construction site, or simply in a house with clamouring children.

In such cases, students can resort to libraries, a relatively isolated area of the house, or to a friend’s place where they can devote their undivided attention to their study material.

3. Learn, Do Not Cram

A large majority of children are in the habit of cramming without grasping the gist of a particular concept. This plays a major role in their inability to retain information aptly and reproduce unprocessed information.

To prevent this, it is advisable to go through the study materials a number of times at short intervals, instead of gulping everything down in one sitting.

Extensive research carried out in this domain depicts that students who study regularly are more likely to remember their learned material than those who study everything in one sitting.


4. Adopt the Habit Of Organizing and Structuring

The best way students can boost their brainpower and enhance their memory is by adopting study hacks for class 10, the most effective of which is using mnemonics.

Mnemonics help in structuring information into easily decipherable and organized sections, rendering its retention significantly easy.

For instance, the most popular mnemonic used by students to remember trigonometric ratios is “Some People Have Curly Brown Hair Through Proper Brushing.”

The best mnemonics are the ones that integrate humour, novelty, and positive imagery to help students remember things effectively. 


5. Visualize Things Around You

Good students keep the information they gain in check by visualizing it or applying their previous knowledge to it.

Photographs, graphics, charts, and other diagrams that usually get overlooked are, in fact, great sources of remembering things.

Even if the visualizations do not work, students can create their own and draw figures by using different coloured markers or pens for better retention.

They can also draw such diagrams or instructions in their margins, on textbooks, or notes by using distinct colours, as writing your own understanding of things helps significantly in remembering and reproducing things.

Students can use the study hacks for class 10 mentioned above and tricks to enhance their learning skills and effectively boost their brainpower.


Final Words 

Students of class 10 should start preparing with these expert study hacks for class 10 to boost their brain power and get success in board exams.

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