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7 Best Ways to Build a Strong Academic Foundation for Your CBSE Class 6 Child

7 Best Ways to Build a Strong Academic Foundation for Your CBSE Class 6 Child

  • June 14, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The provision of well-built structures for the learners is the goal of every parent having a child who is in school. Most parents want to do that by using some vital resources like the 6th Class Maths Book. Below are seven strategies that can help guarantee your child performs well in school.

1. Utilize CBSE Books for Class 6

CBSE Books for Class 6 are also systematically developed to include the syllabus of that class. Make sure that your child reads these books for at least a few hours a day because these books contain information that forms the basis for all the subjects. Remind them to at least read and understand each chapter fully before proceeding to the next chapter.

2. Practice Regularly with Question Bank Class 6

The Question Banks are very useful in this case. One should use this article to prepare to solve questions on Class 6 topics. These books are full of questions of various types that will assist in revising what has been covered in the class. Continuous use of these question banks will help enhance problem-solving skills and prepare the child for examinations.

Recommended Books:

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CBSE NCERT WorkBook Class 6 | For latest Exams

3. Develop a Study Schedule

Regularity can bring academic success. Assist the child in planning their time so that they can devote certain hours to each subject in a day. Ensure that the child also has time to review what they have learned in their Maths Book and other subjects. This structured method of learning makes the process balanced and effectively stops cramming before the exams.

4. Encourage Conceptual Understanding and Use of 6th Class Maths Book

Motivate your child to have more concentration on problems instead of cramming. This is mostly important in subjects like mathematics. Let them use their Maths Book for the 6th class for terminology lessons so that they can solve complex problems that are set for students in higher classes.

5. Incorporate Interactive Learning Tools

Access useful websites, mobile applications, and fun-based applications that help you in your CBSE syllabus. These tools may make learning more fun, and may also elaborate more on what is being taught in class. They sometimes give an entirely different take, another angle to look at something practically or describe it in a way that can help students understand it.


6. Foster a Reading Habit

Reading can enrich the degree of comprehension and vocabulary as well. Press your child to read books other than the ones that they need for school. Besides helping with language, this habit prepares children for lessons in other classes as well as it helps them accumulate more knowledge.

7. Regular Assessments and Feedback

Routine tests are important in determining some of the aspects in which your child might be lagging. Give them time to attempt sample papers and mock tests created from Question Bank Class 6 to get the feel of the questions asked. Moreover, this gives proper feedback so that students can improve their weak points. This will enable them to ensure that their preparations for their exams are adequate.


Incorporating these strategies can massively improve the school base of your child. In this way, a consistent use of the available resources such as the 6th Class Maths Book will prepare your child for the higher classes and further.

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