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Boost your class 12 Biology board exam Preparations with this Master-Stroke Study Technique

Boost your class 12 Biology board exam Preparations with this Master-Stroke Study Technique

  • October 07, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


“I wish I could score 100/100 in class 12 Biology Board Exam!”

Do you also wish for something like this?

Then you need to spend your next 2 minutes understanding what to prepare before preparing.  

The important thing is to keep in mind while preparing that one makes his own way of studying.

To score maximum in class 12 Biology board exam, some smart efforts by your side would do wonders, so let’s dive deep into these study techniques right away.

1. NCERT is Enough in the beginning

Never try to prepare from an external source in the beginning. First complete your NCERT and then take help of question banks and sample papers for board exams. If you are a NEET aspirant or heading for a competitive exam, then these books are required to prepare from the beginning. Make a clear note of this in your memory.


2. Sample Question papers

They are an important part for class 12 biology board exam preparation but only when you’re done with NCERT. Mostly, all kinds of questions are asked from sample papers so prepare accordingly.


3. Revise & Revise

The terms like Scientist’s name and full forms must be mugged up as they could be asked at any stage. Keep a copy to revise the things that you mugged up earlier to revise before the exam.


4. Genetics requires attention because it will be present at every level, 1 mark, 2 marks, 5 marks everywhere. Don’t leave genetics for the last days.


5. Practicing drawing diagrams before exams would help a lot because no class 12 biology board exam has ever been held without diagrams. 


6. Data like year, percentage, and diagram labelling in Ecology needs to be remembered at any cost.


7. You must be neat while presenting your answers as they must appeal to the examiner to give you good marks. These small things make a difference of even 5 or more marks in theoretical subjects like Biology.


Recommended Question Bank: https://oswaalbooks.com/products/oswaal-icse-question-bank-class-10-biology-book-for-2023-exam?_pos=6&_sid=4023f4adc&_ss=r&variant=41441691336884


Now let’s understand about the chapters of Class 12 Biology board exam to get a better exam insight.

1. Genetics is important including Molecular Basis of Inheritance, Principle of Inheritance, and Evolution. These 3 chapters are enough to get you 18 marks if not more.


2. Since preparing an entire unit of Genetics will appear tiresome, merge it with the last unit which revolves all around the environment after that. Going through each chapter twice should be enough. The last chapter revolves around advantages of CNG, disadvantages of Petrol, sewage treatment, and Global warming. Complete your 4 chapters and there you go with your 14 marks.


3. Biotechnology – Just these two would suffice - Principles and Application. You need to read the chapter line by line, the definitions should be underlined, make possible questions as well.These 2 chapters are enough to get you 10 marks.


4. Reproduction in Flowering Plants is very important. Read the chapter along with diagrams to score full.


5. Before sleeping, try to revise all the scientific names of microbes and their uses in the chapters to Microbes and read Human Health. Then, you can easily do Human reproduction, Human health, and Strategies of Food production and Microbes as well.


"All the Best for Class 12 Biology Board Exam"




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