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  • May 25, 2022
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The results of a student's Class 10 or Class 12 exams will allow him to consider his areas of interest for higher study.

This step allows a student to assess his strengths, abilities, and areas of interest, allowing him to narrow down which stream he should pursue.

Class 10 exams allow pupils to choose their major, and Class 12 examinations lead them immediately into the realm of higher education, where they will have limitless choices.

The results of the CBSE class 10 and CBSE class 12 board exams, as well as the grades and marks earned on the exams, determine a student's academic proficiency, problem-solving ability, and cognitive power.

The results of the CBSE Class 10 and CBSE Class 12 board exams are frequently used as a criterion for admission to various Indian and international institutions.

Most students find board exams intimidating; nevertheless, experts advise that tackling CBSE question banks and sample papers can assist them comprehend the structure of question papers they will be confronting in the near future. To assist students in improving their grades and performance in final exams.

CBSE Class 12 is a board level examination, students have to be extra cautious about the board exams and their preparations for the exams.

Students tend to stress themselves during examinations with the extra pressure of CBSE Class 12 being a board level. Practicing  previous years question papers by the CBSE board help students to understand the pattern and type of questions that will appear in their final examination.

Apart from understanding the blueprint of the board exam question paper students will also learn time management for their final exams.

For better preparation of any subject for CBSE Class 12 board exams, many experts suggest students to practice with previous years question papers.

The Central Board is a renowned board of education in India, it is known for providing quality education that allows overall development of a student. CBSE Class 10 is an important step in a student's academic life.

To prepare and score well for the CBSE board exams candidates are suggested to practice the previous year board question papers to understand the question paper pattern.

The question papers prepared by the CBSE board for Class 10 board exams comprise of the required topics in a comprehensive manner. The CBSE Class 10 board exam question papers are prepared in such a way to measure a student's expertise in an appropriate way.

The total marks of the questions are divided into different topics which requires students to complete the entire syllabus for the preparation.

To obtain good marks in the CBSE Class 10 and CBSE Class 12 board exams, follow certain guidelines :-

1. Attend all the classes regularly.

2. Make proper notes.

3. Solve all assignments within time.

4. Solve all examples, intext questions & exercise questions.

5. Ask doubts & clear them.

6. Try to finish whole syllabus much prior to exams & revise at least 2 times if you wish to score good.

7. Don't waste time on social networking sites & other platforms until they help you in your academics.

8. Complete each day's task on the same day; otherwise, things will pile up and you'll be left with nothing but a mess.

9. Study Hard and Study Wisely.

10. Don't be concerned. Keep your cool, collected, and relaxed. Participate in some physical activity.

11. Be cheerful and kind to others.

12. Before the actual Board exams, give as many mocks as you can.

13. CBSE Sample papers and question banks are released to give us an idea of the paper pattern and how questions will be designed in the main boards. It is good if you solve those questions.

14. Previous year question papers are also very helpful for the same thing. CBSE many times repeat the questions (if not exact then similar questions).

15. Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) publishes Question Bank for Practice for Class 10th and Class 12th students.

The question bank caters to students who wish to measure their understanding of a given topic by leveraging a rich repository of questions and possible answers for revision.


Important features

1. The question bank comprises of 2000+ questions and answers for all core subjects.

2. The students will have access to questions and their possible step by step solutions which have been curated by subject teachers of schools affiliated to CBSE.

It may be noted that the answers can be written in many different ways, and that this is not the only way to do so.

3. It may also be noted that these questions should only be considered as practice questions and that they have no relation to board examinations.

Here are some pointers to remember once you begin practicing with CBSE question bank:

1. Never look at the solution key when solving CBSE question bank. So that you may assess your knowledge and preparation.

2. You can comprehend the themes and question difficulty level by solving CBSE previous year question papers.

3. Always prepare all questions from the CBSE question bank because questions are frequently repeated in the current year.

4. Solve the previous ten years' CBSE old question papers with zeal.

5. Examining the previous year's question paper will aid you in understanding the nature and organization of the questions.

6. Experts and certified candidates always advise students to spend more time studying CBSE previous year papers.


3 Methods of using CBSE Question Bank

1. Mark important questions simultaneously:

When you are solving CBSE question bank, it would be very handy if you start marking important questions simultaneously as this will help you not only to remember them but also to work on those difficulties at the same time.

This way you would be able to perform better in the actual test and hence score better.


2. Continuously studying CBSE question bank:

As you may be aware, these papers have previously been used in previous year exams. As a result, going over many CBSE question bank on a regular basis would be really beneficial.

Solving these papers will become a habit that will help you stay on track with your academics. This will ensure that you finish the parts on time and will increase your efficiency.


3. Revise the portion between solving the CBSE question bank:

Once you are done completing a particular section of CBSE question bank, it is important to revise them simultaneously so that you don’t miss out any of the information and learn it in an effective manner.

This will help you remember things for longer period of time and help you solve questions quicker when you are writing the exam paper. So the idea is to learn with a better understanding instead of mugging up the answers. 

Revise the portion where you have solved the paper right after finishing it because this will help you refresh your memory regarding the information given in that chapter or topic.

We believe that these hints may assist you in properly preparing for CBSE Boards. Before you tire yourself, remember to take a conscious pause every now and again. Yes, you can conquer your anxiety of this exam, or any exam, if you approach it correctly, and for that you can get all your guide books here : https://oswaalbooks.com/collections/cbse/class-12+question-banks  


All the best!


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