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  • May 01, 2022
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The End of term is upon us and it is usually followed by a dreadful exam season before you can finally relax during the holidays.


This year is no different. CBSE has announced the End of Term Examinations and has also released the syllabus accordingly. Do not fret!


As it is the same syllabus that you have been learning all year round and by now you have acquired a sound sense of what is to come.


It cannot be denied that the exam season is a bitter pill to swallow but the following guidelines might help make it a little easier for you:





It is very difficult and confusing to cram a ton of information in one go so for the preparation of exams it is important to divide and conquer.


Before you start your preparation, write down all the exam syllabus and divide it during the days counting up to the exams.


Follow the schedule religiously and give more time to the difficult subjects and topics. Moreover, focus on your individual weaknesses in each subject and overcome them.



Plan Early


Proper planning and preparation are extremely important for exams. Make sure you go through the entire syllabus to make sure you have included it all in your schedule.


Make a timetable and give yourself ample time to learn, memorize and revise all topics. Plan how you are going to tackle each subject and which topic are synonymous so they can be studied together.



Maintain Attendance


In order to be proficient in all subjects, it is important to maintain a good attendance all year round. Try not to miss classes and if you do, try to cover the lessons you have missed.


A good attendance helps you maintain a good relationship with your teachers and class fellows. Communication is important to make sure you are informed.



Don’t miss quizzes


Quizzes help you divide your learning so that you don’t have to cram it in one go. This helps avoid confusion and burn out during exam season.


It also helps build confidence in your methods and concepts as you do repeat learning for tests, quizzes and exams. Quizzes are also a great way to solidify your solving methods and create easier learning techniques for yourself.



Revise daily


Once you are done with the syllabus for each day don’t forget to revise it before starting a new topic.


Revising and repeating will help keep all information fresh in your mind so that you don’t have to re memorize or relearn it during your exams. This also helps you pick out any topics or lessons you might have missed.



Go through weekly notes


It is not only important to consult your books but your class notes are a great way to easily memorize as these notes are written by your hands, it is more likely that you will remember them.


They also help in refreshing an extra vital information that is not mentioned in books but is integral to your syllabus.



Active routine and sports

Exams are not only about studying and memorizing, it is also important to freshen yourself up with some healthy extracurriculars. An active routine helps you stay in an energized mind set without having to study the whole time.


This will help avoid burn out and promote a positive learning experience throughout. A healthy body will easily take you through the tedious task of memorizing.



Study groups


Collective learning is always more effective than individual preparation. That is why it is much easier to learn in a classroom rather than home.


Being surrounded by a collective learning environment makes it easier to reinforce your ideas and lessons. It is a fun way to revise and learn. Help and get helped by your friends and make learning a fun activity!



Ask questions and discuss


Don’t be shy to ask your teachers and each other tons of questions. This will clear your concepts and expand your level of knowledge.


Discussions will challenge your perspective and introduce you to other ways of solving problems or tackling studies.



Expand your research


In order to be an all-rounder, you need to go beyond the knowledge present in your books. Try to challenge what you have learnt and provide plausible explanations and ideas.


Try to build your own research in addition to what you have already dissected in books. Be creative with your work and it will help you go beyond your usual level of excellence!



Do not tire yourself out


Remember that you need energy to go through the exam season. Do not over exert yourself and maintain a healthy level of learning.


Too much information can cause sensory overload and spoil the previous knowledge that you have acquired. Keep a healthy balance between studying and resting.



Good Luck!


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