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  • April 13, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


CBSE Term 2 exams have created a lot of anxiety and chaos among the students.


If you are also appearing for the CBSE term 2 exams this time, then you must have a load of everything on your head.


You get piled up with an abundance of study material making it difficult for you to analyze which is the perfect way to score exceptionally well.


CBSE term 2 exams will commence on 26th April 2022. According to this date, you have only a few weeks left for the exam.


If you can utilize these weeks to the maximum potential then you can surely make your mark in the CBSE term 2 exams without any speck of doubt.


It becomes very important that you take the advice of experts at this time and divert the direction of your last-minute preparation to that side.


But, you must be wondering what are the expert's suggestions to ace the CBSE term 2 exams?


Just stay glued to this blog till the end and you will get an answer to all your queries.



Last-minute Tips for CBSE Term 2 Exams


After 2 years, CBSE is going to conduct the term 2 exams in an offline fashion.


Unlike the term 1 exams, you need to write the answers for term 2 on the answer sheets. This is one of the major problems that students are struggling with at this point.


If you are also sailing in the same boat, then have a look at some of the amazing tips that will help you make a mark in the CBSE term 2 exams.



1. Make NCERT A Prime Focus


Most of the students neglect the importance of NCERT for the CBSE term 2 exams. But, they forget that NCERT is the core book as per the CBSE curriculum.


You should solve the examples, in-between questions in the exercises for every chapter provided in the NCERT.


It will assist in making your concepts crystal clear for the upcoming term 2 exams.


In addition to that, you should also practice the statement-based and application-based questions for better preparation.



2. Properly Utilize the 15 minutes reading time


Before every CBSE Term 2 exam, you will be given 15 minutes additional to read the question paper.


If you can utilize this time efficiently then it will help you save a lot of time during the examination.


You can use this time to find the answers to the unseen passage that would have otherwise taken much time.



3. Solve various sample papers


Sample papers are a must for CBSE term 2 exams. To offer you a better understanding of the paper pattern and marking scheme, CBSE has issued the sample paper on the official website.


You should solve the sample paper in a time-bound fashion to check the alignment of speed and accuracy.


If you are lacking anywhere then also you will have sufficient time before the CBSE term 2 exams to improvise in those areas.


You should self-evaluate your answers after solving the sample paper. But, if you are facing any difficulty then you should seek help from your teacher and get your issues resolved to score well in term 2 exams.



4. Manage your time effectively


Knowing everything in the CBSE term 2 exams will not fetch you good marks if you can’t put everything on the answer sheet in the stipulated time.


Don't start writing stories on the answer sheet. Make sure that you abide by the word limit and give to-the-point answers for the term 2 exams.


When you stick to this mantra, you will open doors to your success in the CBSE term 2 exams.



5. Be consistent with the revision


Revision is one of the most important key aspects to help you score well in term 2 exams. You should practice answer writing as much as possible.


Moreover, don’t neglect your physical as well as mental health in the entire process of preparation. Stay hydrated, take proper sleep, and have a nutritious diet to stay healthy.



Final Thoughts


CBSE term 2 exams are not a difficult nut to crack if your preparation is up to the mark.


You can use the above tips to score exceptionally well in the term 2 exams.


If this period of preparation is taken with due diligence then no force can stop you to accomplish your goal of acing the term 2 exams.


So, why not use these tips at your end and see what magnanimous changes it has in store for your needs?






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