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  • May 02, 2022
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The CBSE 2022 Coding competition is here! It brings a platform for beginners and professional coders.


21st century has brought with it a huge wave of technological advancements and we aim to provide the next generation a chance to grow roots in this dynamic and complex field.


The world around us is now run through computers whether it be a task as small as making a meal or sending a rocket into space! So, the language of 0’s and 1’s has become the new universal language.


The complexity of this system knows no bounds so it takes pace in a wide range of expertise. Make sure to apply on time before April 30th and get a chance to avail this amazing opportunity.


In order to make sure you do your best; you must be on top of your game and follow some simple guidelines to ensure an outstanding performance:



Practice makes Perfect


It does not matter where you lie on the expertise spectrum, the only thing that will take you from average to the best is practice! Dedicate time from each day to work on different aspects and divide time accordingly.


Spend the most amount of time on your weak spots and work towards achieving a set goal. Arbitrary practice is less effective, so make sure you know what you are working towards.


In addition to bettering your weak areas, also work on perfecting your strength! Learn how to use your strengths to counter the weaknesses.


Remember that the computer will follow the code you give it, so make sure to learn efficient and fast tips and tricks. Don’t go for shortcuts but achieve smart work along with hard work.


Try to solve as many problems as you can so that you are ready when its time to provide solutions.



Slow and Steady wins the race


Do not focus on learning complex codes on your first try. Start from a beginner level and work your way up from there. Make sure to strengthen one topic before you move on to the next.


Try to learn a new topic each day to keep things interesting. Focus on observing as well as doing. Watch as many tutorials on coding as you can and try to follow along.


Small achievements everyday will keep you motivated and productive! Don’t force yourself to learn more than your capacity. After you are done learning, keep practicing to make sure you solidify your concepts.



Be creative!


Although coding is a language with set rules and regulations, don’t be afraid to be creative with your solutions! Don’t rely on lectures to set your answers in stone, experiment with the solutions yourself if you feel like you know a different solution.


This could help you develop your own style and create a sense of problem solving when you are not sure what the answer exactly is!


A lot of the time you surprise yourself by creating solutions that you have not been taught but this only comes with consistent practice and learning.



Keep things interesting


Try to go through a diverse set of topics to keep yourself immersed in the practice. Monotony can be boring and makes it harder for you to stay on track. Making sure that you are not following a set syllabus is necessary.


Don’t be afraid to branch out of your skill set to make the task engaging for yourself. Enjoy whatever you are working on and if it gets tedious, move on to the next best thing!



During the competition:



Be prepared


Make sure that you are set for the day. Don’t forget to get a good night’s rest and a hearty meal.


Don’t cramp yourself with an overload of information the night before, give yourself time to absorb and reflect on what you have learned.


Prioritize your mental and physical health in order to give a performance to the best of your abilities.



Be Attentive


Pay attention to the problem that you have been given. Do no get too excited if you feel like you know the solution or disappointed if you don’t.


Write the problem down and analyze it, then think of the possible solutions and synthesize to take the best route.



Do Not Compare


Trust in the work and practice that you have done and don’t revel on what others are doing during the competition.


Keep your focus on the task at hand and try to solve it through what you have learnt. Do not mistake someone else’s speed or demeanor for a good performance and remember that it is okay to be nervous and uncertain.



Use your time wisely


Keep your eyes on the clock and focus on the time you have been given. At the start of the time, make sure to give a set duration to each task and try to follow the set timeline.


Try to have fun and do your best and you shall prevail.



Good Luck!


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