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Class 12 Physics Board Exam! Last 3 Months Revision Strategy to Score Maximum

Class 12 Physics Board Exam! Last 3 Months Revision Strategy to Score Maximum

  • October 06, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


CBSE Class 12 Physics Board exams means that the anxiety is obvious.

What should you do then?

First, you need to clear all the doubt about Physics paper. It’s going to be tough this time!!!


Chapter-wise Tips for CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam !

Let us dive right into the preparation tips for CBSE Class 12 Physics board exam.

Electrostatics - All the derivations are important especially Gauss theorem Applications, Capacitance and Potential due to a short dipole.

Current Electricity – the most important chapter is cells and electrical devices.

Magnetic Effect of Current – Easy to score and easy to understand, must do it before every other chapter. This will boost your confidence a lot.

EMI - Direction, Mutual and Self-Inductance are highly probable to come.

AC - Derivations, Quality Factor, Power may take a lot of your time, but are equally worthy. 

EMW - Spectrum, Displacement Current, Numerical, are must to come in Class 12 Physics board exam.

Ray Optics - How to prepare Optics in 1 day? 3 Hours for Ray diagrams, TIR, Optical Instruments, RD/AD, Prism, Refracting surfaces and last 2 hours for Numerical and previous years questions.

Wave Optics – You need to spend 2 hours for Derivations and Concepts and 1 hour on previous years questions to ace this one.

Dual Nature - Graphs, Photoelectric Effect, Numerical.

Atoms - Energy and series diagram, Derivations, Numerical.

Nuclei - Binding energy, Mass defect, Radioactivity.

Semiconductor - Focus on devices, Amplifier, Numerical on Zener diode.

Complete your syllabus. If you are targeting 95+ marks then you should be familiar with each and every chapter. The biggest mistake students do, they Complete only the easy chapters and, in the end, land up nowhere.


How to study for CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam?

1. Keep a separate notebook for derivations. Write down all the chapter-wise derivation as practicing derivation can give you straight 25–30 marks in the theory paper.

2. One of the biggest hacks is to practice with sample question papers. So, practice them and analyse the topic to get better exam insight and exam readiness.

3. Do not forget to practice NCERT solved and exercise questions as examiner loves to ask those questions.

4.Always make list of all the formula of that chapter to keep them on your fingertip.

5. Revise as many derivations as possible. Also, refer to previous year question papers and start marking the questions which are asked frequently, or your think might appear in board exam.

6. Now you have revised all the formulae, it’s time to solve numerical now.


7. Start with the questions in which you are confident, or you think you can easily solve them in time. Also, start with the practice of presenting your answers properly- Neatness is the key for the board exams.

8. You can also draw margin on the side of the paper for all the rough work. 

9. Draw neat and labelled diagrams everywhere you find useful and don't forget to make arrows in rays, show direction of current, field and at other times. 

10. If you are answering device questions like Cyclotron, Transformer do follow step process and define everything in steps.

Good luck for Class 12 Physics Board Exam !


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