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Everything You Need To Know About CBSE Board Exam 2022 Term 2

Everything You Need To Know About CBSE Board Exam 2022 Term 2

  • December 12, 2021
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books



Are you the one who has just given their CBSE Term 1 exam and going to head start with the term 2 exams?


Whether you are a student of class 10th or class 12th, this blog is just the apt place for you.


Before kick-starting your preparation, you must be well aware of some of the important information regarding the term 2 board exams.


If you are aware of these important things, then you can have a smooth preparation journey ahead.


But, what are these important things that can give you a focused preparation plan?


Need not worry, by walking through further, you will come across some of the key areas like:



# Exam dates


# Exams syllabus


# Exam duration and format

And so on.


Let’s have a closer look at all these aspects and have a judicious study plan to score well.



1. Exam Dates: Must Acquaint With


For the academic session 2021-22, the entire session is divided into two terms. And the final result will be prepared based upon the marks of both terms.


So, every student must sit for both the term exams.


As term 1 exams have come to an end, it is very important to note when the exams of term 2 will be conducted.


The second term board exams will most probably take place in the month of March-April 2022.


The exact dates are not yet announced and will be declared on the official website of CBSE.


Whether you are a student of class 10th or class 12th, the exams will be conducted in these months only.


By seeing this, you can have a fair idea that you have 3-4 months in your hand for the preparation of term 2 board exams. The syllabus is already available on the official website.


Just go through that and start preparing for your term 2 board exams without giving any second thought.


This will help you come out with flying colors after your board exams as both the terms are equally important.



2. Exam syllabus: Key to excel  


CBSE has adopted a rationalized syllabus approach for the term exams based upon the Covid-19 situations in the country.


This implies that 50% of the entire syllabus will come in term 2 board examinations.


The syllabus for term 2 will be different from the one that came in term 1 examinations.


A rationalized syllabus for term 2 is uploaded on the official website of CBSE. You can check the website to have in-depth knowledge about the chapters that will be there in term 2.


There is no provision to leave anything optional in these examinations as they are already as per the rationalized syllabus.


You need to pass the term exams for both terms to pass the entire board exams.



3. Exam Duration & Format


One of the biggest questions that are haunting every student, for now, is its format or the pattern of the term 2 board exam.


To put a mark on your haunting thoughts CBSE has already declared that term 2 exams will be conducted for 2 hours, unlike the term 1 exams.


Besides that, the term 2 exam will be conducted in descriptive format.


You will encounter different types of questions in the term 2 exams based upon the case-based, situation-based, open-ended short answer, and long answer type questions.


As of now, the board has decided to take the offline exams in the exam centers for class 10th and 12th for term 2.


But, in case the situation of Covid-19 is not under control and there is no scope to proceed with the offline exams. Then CBSE has already laid a plan for that situation also.


They will go with a 90-minutes MCQ-based exam in case of the descriptive exam if the situation doesn't allow it.


Marks of term 2 will also contribute to the entire board score. And the term 2 exams will be conducted for 50 marks.


To stay updated with the latest format and the duration of the CBSE board exams, keep a proper check on the official website of CBSE.



4. Exam centers: Must be aware of  


CBSE term 1 exams were conducted in respective schools to maintain the safety of the students.


But, this procedure will not be followed for term 2 examinations.


You need to visit the board centers that will be decided by the CBSE to give your term 2 board exam.


CBSE has also considered some of the worst-case scenarios and their solutions if the term 2 exams won't be able to conduct under any inevitable circumstances.


If the term 1 exams were successfully conducted in physical mode and there would be no provision for conducting the term 2 examination due to the alarming Covid-19 situation.


Then the results of the board exam will be based upon the performance of term 1 exams and internal assessments.



 5. Other Assessments


CBSE has even laid a plan to evaluate the students upon the basis of internal assessments.


These assessments will go from time to time for class 10th students irrespective of term 1 and term 2.


The major activities that are a part of internal assessment include:

            1. Three periodic tests

            2. Subject enrichment activities

            3. Portfolio

            4. Practical work(for selected subjects)

            5. Speaking listening activities(for language subjects)

            6. Project work


Students will be given marks based on their performance during these internal activities.


The overall score for the board exams will be calculated in the same manner as they were calculated for previous years by including the internal assessments.


To bring transparency in the entire process of internal assessments, the board is planning to issue some new guidelines. They can keep a fair eye on the school's procedure of taking internal assessments.


You can keep a constant eye on the official website of CBSE to stay updated with these new guidelines.



This is everything you need to know to know about cbse board exam 2022 term 2



Final Thoughts


Cracking the CBSE board exams 2022 for term 2 is not at all difficult if you know everything about these exams.


To stay ahead in your preparation, you need to have a proper emphasis on the syllabus and the format of the exam.


If you don’t pay attention to these things from the beginning of term 2 then it can hinder your entire preparation.


Besides that, if there are any changes in the syllabus or marking scheme then also it is advised to stay updated with them. Otherwise, you will keep on preparing with the old pattern that can take a toll on your preparation.


Always check the CBSE official website for any syllabus or other updates.


Stay tuned with us to know more about the CBSE board exams.



All the Best!!


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