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Full Proof Strategy to Score Perfect 100 in Class 12 Economics Board exam

Full Proof Strategy to Score Perfect 100 in Class 12 Economics Board exam

  • October 08, 2022
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So, in Economics, nothing is certain.

But what if you can even score a perfect 100 in a subject like Economics.

Here’s the full proof strategy in the form of 5 amazing tips to score a perfect 100 in class 12 Economics board exam.

You are sure to get something beneficial for your board preparation here.

Let’s dive straight into it by starting with the basics of class 12 Economics board exam preparations, and then will examine a few tips and tricks to score a perfect 100.


1. Starting with your Interest in the Class 12 Economics  

Working hard doesn’t always pay well, no matter how much you work hard, if you don’t have an interest in the subject, it might always feel like a burden to you. One thing to note down here is that, for CBSE class 12 Economics board exam, the more your interest increases towards the subject, the less panic and anxious you’ll be while preparing and in the exam hall.


2. Conceptual Knowledge is Supreme

Blindly mugging up the theory will not provide you with good results. Firstly, you need to gain a better understanding of concepts by continuously following up with the classes or if you do self-study then prepare according to exam guidelines and do follow sample papers as well. Always make sure to do smart work which will give effective results.


3. Every Subject is important

Spending the whole day solving Accounts and Maths problems is the strategy of most of the students and in doing so they study Economics in the last 2-3 months, which should be prohibited. Give respect to all the subjects equally. Even 1 hour on a daily basis to 5 days in a week can do wonders. Economics can be completed in the starting 4 months of Class 12thseason once done with full heart.


4. Book-Readingis essential

Usually, the majority of students learn concepts from classes, and therefore make notes to revise them later during preparation times of class 12 Economics board exam. But you should at least read the subject book once. It is sure to make your concepts clearer and will also provide you with an additional benefit for preparation to do well in board exams.


5. Don’t forget to make the Summary Notes

It is the most important part of your preparation to make the summary notes. It might appear lethargic to do, but it will surely make a drastic difference in your preparations for CBSE class 12 Economics board exam. Students are provided with notes by their teachers, so they should follow them with full effort. It’s suggested to prepare your own summary notes as well. This will give you almost a perfect grasp on Economics.

This will enable you to revise the concepts several times. Remember to revise the whole subject in only 1 day with help of these notes to score maximum in board exams. For example - There are a lot of topics in Macro & Micro of difference between X and Y etc. this can be done in a day’s time. What you can do right now will make a difference because last days should always be reserved for practicing and revising, not for clearing concepts.


"All the Best for Class 12 Economics Board Exam"



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