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How to Score 100/100 in class 12 Maths Board Exam?

How to Score 100/100 in class 12 Maths Board Exam?

  • October 06, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

“I made a silly blunder, a calculation mistake.”

 “I score 98 in Maths in Class 12th as that vector algebra question took my 2 marks away.”

“I should have practiced thoroughly with class 12 Maths sample papers for Maths, 90 is not bad but it’s not 100 either.”


We asked about a thousand students of Class 12, and this is what we got!

Is your query among the above-mentioned?

Then you need the chapter-wise strategy to score maximum in CBSE Board Exam 2023.

It’s obvious that Class 12 maths sample papers are most important for you and especially during last month preparations, but you may also require these tips to score a perfect 100/100.



You need to complete the whole chapter from NCERT book first and then try to learn the logical approach while solving injective and surjective functions. Also, find some secret formulas not given in NCERT book but are imp, ex -number of reflexive relations 2^n(n-1).



NCERT and class 12 maths sample papers are enough for this chapter. Try to solve previous year question papers as well.



This is one of the easiest units, and therefore complete it first and then leave it to focus on other chapters. NCERT is sufficient for this one.



Learn differentiation formulas and chain rule by heart, that’s the only way for this one. The class 12 Maths sample papers will make this a lot easier for you as they contain HOTS questions like maxima minima, along with others.



The biggest horror of class 12 Maths board exam – Integration. More than 50 formulas are in this chapter. What to do then?

Robust Practicing with the Class 12 Maths sample papers is the only key for you. Also, don't do calculation mistake while solving definite integral.



This is one of the easiest chapters but could only be mastered after completing Integration, so first complete Integration with Class 12 maths sample papers and then pick NCERT for this chapter.


8. VECTOR & 3-D

Vectors are easy but 3-D is a bit of tricky but learning the formulas you’ll crack it in no time. NCERT is not enough for this one, try solving previous year question papers.


9. LPP

This chapter is only about plotting graph and finding values. NCERT will be sufficient for this.



Students always neglect this one, and that’s the biggest mistake. This chapter holds good weightage and NCERT won’t be enough. Solve previous questions as well. Furthermore, try CBSE class 12 maths sample papers from the beginning to get a better hold on this.

Practice is the key and do practice a lot of score 100/100 in Maths board exam.

Also, attempt your question papers with great speed and try to finish the paper 30–40 mins early. Revision is necessary in class 12 maths board exam, so you need to save time.


Finally, the paper is never difficult. 85–90% questions are easy, if you've practiced enough with class 12 maths sample papers.


Class 12 Maths Sample Paper Link:






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