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  • August 08, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Academically, it's quite difficult to prepare for the CBSE Board Exams, and the reason being the competition and fuzz. 

 You can't do anything about the latter, but let's see how to work it.

Study plan with proper discipline and essential materials can help class 10 students for CBSE Board Examination. The preparation can be further enhanced by a wide range of help books and guide materials.

Here's the complete study plan on how to improve your marks by introspecting yourself and your potential.

Disciplined time table and regularity can assure development with significant margin. Students with this study plan can effectively concentrate on their studies without beating around the bush.


5:30 AM: Get up and complete daily chores. 

6:30 AM: Studying can be most effectively done during morning time. Concentrate on weaker subjects and make the notes of where you lack. 

9:00 AM: Healthy breakfast.

9:30 AM: Revise quickly the topics covered in the morning. 

9:45 AM: All the three subjects of science can be done one after the other. Start with any of your favourite. Let’s say biology.

10:45 AM: Keep Physics in between because it has some numerical. It will exercise your brain. Go through the theory properly and then understand how formulas are used in each numerical. 

11:45 AM: Next will be language subjects. Go through each concept thoroughly with basic principles. 

12:45 PM: Complete your lunch and take a good rest. 

2:00 PM: It will be the best time to solve last year papers and practice papers. Give 3 hours which is similar to the original exam duration. Solving it sincerely will teach you to handle exam pressure in a perfect way.

5:00 PM: Brain needs some rest. Do some activities which will relax your mind so that you charge up enough to continue for the rest of the day.

6:00 PM: Fresh up and start with history and civics (which basically needs some muggup). Prepare short notes for history. It will help you revise important topics in a short duration.

8:00 PM: Now comes Geography. Apply the same method as that of history. Prepare short notes in your own words which will help you later for revising.

9:00 PM: Dinner time 

10:00 PM: At this time of the day, my mind might get exhausted. It is the best time to go for literature subjects like English, Hindi or any native language.

11:30 PM: Go to bed and have a sound sleep, prepare the same for the next day.



1. Prepare a complete list of formulae, experiments and derivations.

2. Revise through the weak topics thoroughly.

3. While reading you must have marked some of the important points that you feel you might face problems with, go through them.

4. Revise your notes thoroughly and evaluate your mistakes and weak points.


As the academic examinations are near, it is the right time for students to speed up their preparations. Last moments before exams are very crucial for a student to secure a good score in the examination.

Students think they have a lot of time and neglect their studies. With the late realization, time would have passed. Everyone must make a routine and implement their preparation and study sincerely.

Give equal time to every subject because each and every subject has equal weightage. Students oriented towards a career in science should put more interest in science subjects.

Students opting for literature should focus more deeply on those subjects. I would suggest each and every student to push their limits. Set a target for themselves for a regular interval of time.

Achieve them sincerely. Development and success is assured to the one who works hard.    




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