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Last 1 Month Strategy to Get 95% Marks in ISC Class 12 Board Exams

Last 1 Month Strategy to Get 95% Marks in ISC Class 12 Board Exams

  • January 27, 2024
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The countdown has begun! One month stands between you and the ISC Class 12 Board exams, and achieving that coveted 95% may seem like a distant dream. Even with just one month left, achieving a stellar 95% is within reach. This blog is your roadmap to success, packed with actionable strategies and a breakdown of the crucial final month. So, grab your pens, sharpen your focus, and get ready to ace those exams!

Week 1: Assess and Prioritize

Syllabus Audit: Divide subjects into "high priority" (weak areas, frequently tested topics), "medium priority" (moderately understood concepts), and "low priority" (confident zones).

Previous Years' Papers: Analyze past exam patterns to identify recurring themes, question formats, and weightage given to different topics.

Mock Test Marathon: Take mock tests to assess your strengths and weaknesses, identify time management issues, and get comfortable with the exam format.

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Week 2: Conquer the High Grounds

Deep Dive: Focus on high-priority topics. Refer to NCERT textbooks, concise study materials, and teacher's notes for clear understanding.

Practice Makes Perfect: Solve ICSE Class 10 previous year's questions, ICSE Class 10 sample papers, and numerical problems related to high-priority topics. Form study groups to discuss and clarify doubts.

Master the Art of Note-taking: Condense key concepts, formulas, and diagrams into concise, visually appealing notes for quick revision.

Week 3: Secure the Midfield

Tackle the Mediums: Dedicate time to medium-priority topics. Use your understanding of high-priority concepts to build connections and simplify learning.

ICSE Class 10 Mock Test Paper Analysis: Analyze your mock test results meticulously. Identify areas needing improvement and revise accordingly. Don't repeat the same mistakes!

Health is Wealth: Prioritize healthy sleep, balanced meals, and regular exercise to maintain peak mental and physical fitness.


Week 4: Blitz the Remaining Areas and Practice

Speed Run the Lows: Briefly revise low-priority topics to ensure you don't miss easy marks. Focus on understanding key points and remembering crucial formulas.

Mock Test Mania: Take full-length mock tests under timed conditions to simulate exam pressure and refine your time management skills.

ICSE CLass 10 Past Year Papers: Solve at least 5 past papers from each subject to familiarize yourself with question types and improve speed and accuracy.

Bonus Round: Sharpen Your Skills

Mind Mapping: Create mind maps to visualize connections between concepts and strengthen your understanding.

Mnemonic Devices: Use acronyms, rhymes, or stories to remember key facts and formulas.

Positive Affirmations: Believe in yourself! Visualize success and repeat positive affirmations like "I am confident and prepared" to boost your morale.


With a laser-sharp focus, a strategic plan, and unwavering determination, you can conquer the final month and achieve that coveted 95%. Remember, the journey to success is paved with hard work and perseverance. So, strap on your armor, warriors, and charge toward victory!

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