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Time Is Running Out! Secret Strategies To Improve ICSE Class 10 Preparation For 2023 Board Exam

Time Is Running Out! Secret Strategies To Improve ICSE Class 10 Preparation For 2023 Board Exam

  • January 20, 2023
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Students studying for the ICSE board examinations in 2023 can review the ICSE Exam 2023 preparation advice to ace their tests. By using these preparation suggestions, students may effortlessly and successfully complete their syllabus in time while also studying well. See the advice below:

Plan your tasks and be familiar with the curriculum

Understand the entire ICSE 2023 curriculum. The modules and chapters that must be covered are mentioned. Establish goals for each subject. Choose everything that has to be completed in the allotted time. Start with little, manageable units rather than ones that are long to gain confidence. After finishing the lesser pieces, go on to the longer ones.

Create a schedule and follow it

Make a daily schedule that will be followed. List all the topics that need to be covered. If one finds it challenging to concentrate for longer periods of time, let's say 4 hours per day, divide that time into two subjects each day, or 2 hours for every subject. Time can be provided more for difficult subjects and a bit less for those that seem to be simpler.


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Set aside time for rest

After finishing a certain topic or ICSE chapter, divide the working hours so that you may unwind. Take action that relaxes you. It might be taking a drink of water, enjoying a cup of coffee, or simply taking a short stroll.

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For better preparation, it is crucial to solve old test questions. They will assist one in becoming comfortable with the test format, time allotment, and question categories. Over time, one even becomes familiar with the exam questions.

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ICSE Class 10 Coursework, Subject-wise

As ICSE Class 10 examinations draw closer, students start to feel increasingly worried. To assist students with their examinations, we have posted a subject-by-subject study plan for the ICSE Class 10 Exam:

ICSE Physics Class 10 Study Guide

  • Make sure you properly finish the whole Physics curriculum.
  • The equations and formulae should be practised and memorised.
  • As many practise questions as you can, try to answer. Start with the more difficult question and move on to the next one after.
  • Make sure to allot time for studying, exercising, and taking practise exams.

ICSE Mathematics Class 10 Study Guide

  • List every idea and subject studied in each ICSE Class 10 Mathematics course.
  • As a result, start by studying the ICSE Maths textbook. Learn the idea underlying all of the subjects in each chapter.
  • As you master each chapter of the various math formulae for class 10, make a list of them. Additionally, it will be helpful while revising.

ICSE Chemistry Class 10 Study Guide

  • The periodic table should be practised by students. Study analytical chemistry as well as physical and chemical aspects.
  • When in doubt, place the periodic table and key formulas in front for rapid reference.

ICSE Biology Class 10 Study Guide

  • Every day, practise diagramming.
  • Learn the terms and make an effort to retain as much information as you can.
  • Complete the 10th grade biology texts, then begin repeatedly reviewing them.

ICSE English Class 10 Study Guide

  • The easiest and least labour-intensive type of passage is unseen.
  • For the letter's formatting, adhere to the board's instructions. Most of the English problems have a score of ten points, with three points subtracted for structure. Students will learn the structure of official letters, proposals, and report speeches by using them in practise.
  • Learn the fundamentals of grammar by studying a good grammar book.
  • Learn the basics and provide as many details as you can.

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