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  • June 21, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Choosing an ideal career or switching from one career to another is quite a tedious task. Most people suffer from this situation. They try to un-turn every stone to choose the best career for their needs.

Are you someone who is also sailing in the same boat?

Are you not getting a sense of fulfillment with what you are doing?

Are you going to take a blind risk to change a career? Or do you have any means to check the ideal career as per your personality?

What if you get the opportunity to have an ideal career test to check your core areas for the future? Sound something unrealistic! Right?

But, this is not the case anymore! Oswaal Books has come up with a brand new Ideal Career test that will allow you to test the best career choice as per your personality.

This is not a hypothetical test and has proper facts and figures researched by prominent scholars and a group of teachers to allow you to have a thorough ideal career assessment.

If you want to know more about this test then keep on reading further and you will get a crystal clear idea about the same.


Who can take the ideal career test?

Choosing an apt career is a concern for every person out there. Therefore, the ideal career test has been designed in such a way that people from any age group can take it.

Even if you are a student who is going to start with a career journey or if you are a working professional who wants to switch your career, this test will just suffice your needs.

With this test, you will not only get a detailed analysis of your personality. But, you will also get an opportunity to know about your career prospects as per your strengths and weaknesses.


Salient features of ideal career test?

You must be wondering why to take an ideal career test if you can consult with your elders about the same. Well, they can guide you but they can't help you analyze your key areas suitable for a particular career.

So, to have a better idea about the same you should take up the ideal career test. This test will come will the following salient features to ponder over.


1. Checks your personality

The test primarily focuses on understanding your personality with the help of a particular set of questions. After analyzing the questions it will give you a clear idea about your personality trait.


You will get an extensive personality report with your strengths and weaknesses that you need to work upon. Besides that, it will also categorize your personality type. For example, imaginative, spontaneous, passive, etc.


2. Highlights your interests

When you answer the questions of the ideal career test, you will even get clarity about your particular interests. Moreover, you will even get the interest report in the form of a bar graph.

This will help you analyze what a particular interest of your bring to the table for your career prospects. If the interest factor is not kept in mind while choosing the career then you will end up in a monotonous career.

So, you must pay proper heed to this aspect while choosing a career.


3. Checks aptitude parameters

This test is not only designed in a way to help you understand your personality traits but also designed to help you get acquainted with your aptitude capabilities.

It checks you on the various aptitude levels like acuteness, numerical, spatial, critical, and verbal. As soon as you keep on answering the test, your scores are being calculated on the aptitude parameters as well.

The parameter in which you will score highest will be the core area in which you should pursue your career.


4. Top 3 career choices

To help you with a room for discussion, this test will give you a list of the 3 top career choices as per your answers to 180 questions.

You can take your time to think about the career options available to you and then take a final call. But, if you are still not sure then you can even avail yourself of the opportunity to have a telephonic conversation with a career counselor that will be just given at the bottom of your test report.


Final Thoughts

An ideal career test is just optimum to help you pave the right path in the future. The test has been designed comprehensively to offer you a true picture of your future endeavors.

The best part is that you can take up this test at a very affordable price.

So, why not take it for yourself and see where your future is leading you or whether you are on the right track or not?

I hope this test will bring a new ray of opportunities in your career!


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