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7 Amazing Ways to Empower Students in Your Classroom

7 Amazing Ways to Empower Students in Your Classroom

  • September 23, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

Teachers, only you can empower your students.

Most of the time, teachers positively influence students in their classroom, but there are times when even a teacher needs guidance to empower students for future endeavours and create a culture of involvement in the classroom.

 7 Amazing Ways to Empower Students:

1. Let the Students Decide and become their favourite

At the beginning of every lesson, or chapter, let your students speak on how they would like to learn about the lesson. Find out what ways they mostly enjoy learning? What’s their favourite activity from the past, and why? A few specific questions can get their voice rolling to give you a better insight into their thought process. As a teacher, use their feedback and plan the lessons accordingly to empower students in the class. You’ll be their favourite in no time.


2. Give them option and bring them out of comfort zone

The best way to empower students in your classroom is by giving them options on how they wish to present their projects or presentations in front of class. Students are sure to choose the method that works best for them, and therefore you’ll get an idea on how you can proceed with your teachings. Now when they repeatedly choose a single option you can just eliminate that option just to get them out of their comfort zone.


3. Empower Students by Empowering Technology

Technology is highly important in the classroom as it’s ever evolving. Technology empowers students by making their work more engaging and interactive using screens, recorded video and images, or weblinks. This not only brings technology at a finger touch from students but also widens their perspective. Teachers should also encourage students to come up with new ways to make technology more dynamic and interactive.


4. Create Guided Assignments of what to do before you teach in the classroom

This is the best technique for subjects like Math and Science but works for all subjects. When you start providing students with easy-to-follow guided assignments before teaching, then you enable your students to teach themselves, boost confidence in their abilities, and prepare questions about the lessons in advance. Your 50% of the work is already done and the students 50% more prepared for exams.


5. Empower Students by letting them Ask Questions

Many students hesitate to ask questions they have during class, so when they get home and start with their homework, they are left with nothing but confusion and anxiety. As a teacher, when you create and monitor a forum or online discussion board, you provide students with extra help that they need when they hesitate to ask questions in the classroom. Also, this will provide a controlled place where students can come forth and help each other while doing their homework.


6. Your Classroom must have theme

Appearance has a huge impact on human psychology. By regularly changing the appearance of your classroom with a different theme every time, you’ll be able to create an atmosphere to excite students to get the best out of them. Students love themes and changes, and you can use it to make your lessons more interesting and relatable to the real-world. Try to regularly change the theme and have your students help you with ideas and come up with new styles and themes that will make their bond with you much stronger and will develop their creative skills as well.


7. Find Out the passion to empower students in your classroom

Students are curious beings, and if you give students a way to connect what they’re passionate or curious about with their studies then it’ll be a job well done. For example, a science lesson on the environmental importance of recycling, and connecting them with the daily routine of a student at home would do wonders for you and will eventually empower students in your classroom.

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