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  • January 29, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books


Learning is a never-ending process. Whether you are a teacher or a student, this process will go on with you through every phase of life. 


You come across information flooded from every corner.


And it becomes very difficult to retain that information in the long run.


Studies have revealed that various learning techniques can help you retain things easily.


Among all the innovative techniques, dual coding is also known to make an impactful learning experience.  


Keep on reading till the end to get an answer to all the questions that have been lingering in your mind.



What is dual coding?


The concept of dual coding was proposed by Allan Paivio in 1971. He said that the human brain process visual as well as verbal information at the same instance.


This is the cognitive human theory that claims to combine the visual as well as verbal explanations simultaneously.


According to this theory if the learning material can be visually represented with the help of various techniques like diagrams, flow charts, mind maps, etc., then it can offer a great learning experience.


If you are a teacher, then you can implement this technique in your learning style.


Those times are gone when students used to rely on traditional methods for studying.


To have a better interaction and rapport with the students, you should make dual coding an integral part of your teaching regime.



Key principles for using dual coding


If you want to implement dual coding in your class lectures then you need to be sure about the way to implement it.


Its' not like, you think of something, and it's' done!!


You need to follow a perfect strategized plan to use dual coding.


There are 4 key principles that you can use to start using the dual coding concept.


1. Cut the content


Dual coding doesn’t mean you have to overload the content. You need to be selective with the content to see wonderful results with dual coding.


For instance, if you think that you have the entire theoretical content for a certain topic, and your only job is to add a few images to it and you are good to implement dual coding, then you are definitely on the wrong track!!


You should cut down the content and use only the required parts. This will not only have a clear presentation but will also help students to understand in a better fashion.



 2. Chunk


Make sure that you collaborate all the related information into a single chunk of groups. This will help to effectively implement dual coding.



3. Align


Take an instance, where you have been given a set of pictures and some information. But, you don't even have the slightest idea about the order of the information.


So, it is very important to align all the information with the related images. This will help in enhanced understanding.



4. Restrain


Don't go on experimenting with dual coding with some extraordinary fonts or pictures.


These things will distract the students from focusing on the topic rather than gaining their attention. So, avoid overdoing these things in dual coding.



Ways to use dual coding


Dual coding is a concept that can be used by both teachers and students. If you are a teacher then you can use it in your classroom session.


On the other hand, if you are a student then you can implement it in your learning strategy for enhanced preparation.


The ways of using this technique remain the same for both students and teachers.


So, let's have a look at some of how you can use dual coding.



1. Drawings


For example, take one topic like a Force in Physics. Firstly understand the topic well.


Then try to decipher that understanding with the help of simple drawings. This will make teaching easier for a teacher and learning easier for a student.



2. Graphic organizers


Graphic organizers will help to organize the verbal and pictorial information in an organized format.


There can be various organized formats that you can use to jot down the topic. Some of the widely used graphic organizers are mind maps, tree diagrams, and Venn diagrams.


These things will help to retain the concept in the memory for the long run.


Even Isaac Newton used to create Mind Maps to understand better! Read to know the importance of making Mind Maps!



3. Posters


Posters are a great way to implement the dual coding technique. They will help to present the entire information with diagrams and pictures on a single sheet of paper.


For example, you are finding difficulty in remembering dates in the History chapter. Take out the important titles and dates from the chapter.


Present them in the form of a poster with different fonts and colors. This will help you in easy revision even a few days before the exam and will stick to your memory in long run.



How dual coding can be incorporated by teachers?


Being a teacher, you can encourage students in the classroom to use this technique for a better understanding of concepts.


There are certain ways in which you can incorporate this technique in the classroom.


1. Encourage the students to find visuals in their course material and explain whether the text is expressing everything being depicted by the visuals.


2. Ask the students to see the visuals without seeing text and narrate what those pictures want to convey. After the narration, check the information given in the text to get an idea about the concept.


3. Once the students have completely understood the concept then ask them to represent the information in any of the ways that suit them be it diagrams, mind maps, drawings, etc.


All these things will encourage the students to learn things in a fun and innovative way.





Dual coding will help the students build their cognitive skills and students won’t learn things to just pass the exams. They will enjoy the things that they are learning.


Being a teacher, you need to adapt to new teaching methodologies so you can have a better connection with the students.


So, without further delays, try to implement this technique and do write us in the comment section what you feel about it!!


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 All the best!


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