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How can Teachers help Students to stay Positive during Board Exam? Find Valuable Tips

How can Teachers help Students to stay Positive during Board Exam? Find Valuable Tips

  • January 17, 2023
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

The majority of education experts concur that in addition to being an "instructor," a "teacher" also has numerous additional functions and responsibilities. We are educators, mediators, listeners, pacifists, managers, organizers, planners, learners, visionaries, and so on. I'd want to concentrate on the "motivator" role in this essay and how educators may inspire pupils by recognizing their accomplishments!

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Give them several suggestions for effective study methods depending on their various learning styles. Talk to them about the many study methods available. Discuss a variety of study methods with your pupils and encourage them to choose what works best for them.

Limit The Subjects

The degree to which the subjects are condensed depends depend on the course's difficulty, but it is usually beneficial to offer students a more precise idea of what will be covered on their test.

Provide Learners A List of Potential Test Subjects

Make a list of all the topics that students in lower grades must learn. Even if it's only a list of every subject you've covered that year, older grades might still profit from a list. The reason for this is because lists provide them something to cross off. Encourage students to make notes on their topic list as you go through the review material by striking out anything they already know and emphasizing or placing a star by anything they feel they need to learn more about.

Allow The Students to Work Instead Of You

Don't just rush through a review of everything when you appear in front of the class. Instead, it should be the students who are checking their notes for definitions and trying to recall solutions to problems. Students who participate more fully are more likely to be attentive, interested, and recall information.

Give Worksheets to The Children To Finish

 Provide worksheets for students to do that review the subject matter covered in the test. Consider letting them work together and/or assigning them homework to complete any assignments they don't finish in class. After that, go over things together so that the students' queries may be addressed.

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Play Evaluation Games

I have a rule about review activities: they can't take up class time. So, I only engage in games that are brief and keep the attention on the review questions, which is where it should be.

Students Should Create Tests For One Another

 Students are more engaged with the topic when they create their own quiz questions. Therefore, ask them to create a 5–10 question quiz, which they should then trade with some other student and take. Finally, they must assess the quiz they created and talk with the individual who took it about any incorrect responses.




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