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Successful Teachers, Successful Students: A New Teaching Approach for Ultimate Success

Successful Teachers, Successful Students: A New Teaching Approach for Ultimate Success

  • October 31, 2022
  • Posted By : Oswaal Books

What makes a student successful in school?

If you ask a student, you’ll probably won’t hear about a new book or video lecture series. It would be something like, “It was due to my Maths teacher, or my English teacher made me successful".

A successful education provides students with a personal connection with their teachers who instilled passion and inspiration for their subject and that’s how they become important and the reason for success in the eyes of the students. This is how one becomes a successful teacher.

In the world of academia, it’s difficult to measure success. Educators are continually re-evaluating how to measure learning in the classroom. But for that constant changes to their teaching methods and classroom environment would work great for the success of the students.


To provide a new approach to your teaching, you need to implement various changes in the classroom which could be summed up as –


1. Successful teachers tend to have clear objectives

Suppose you are traveling somewhere new; how do you know if you are heading the right way? By using the road signs and a map or nowadays it might be Siri or Google maps.

Now, in the world of education, the objectives of a teacher act as road signs for the students to reach their destination. Planning gives creativity a framework where students can flourish. A lack of creativity in your curriculum may lead to students getting disconnected from the subject or may even find it difficult to cope up with.


2. Successful teachers always have a sense of purpose

Sometimes, teaching may appear mundane and tedious, but the successful teachers tend to have a sense of purpose to see the big picture that can ride above the hard and boring days because their eyes are fixed on the road ahead.


3. Successful teachers look for results and not gratitude

There is nothing worse than teaching for a whole hour and then having your students walk out of class without a hint of gratitude. But teachers need to understand that although it’s hard to give your maximum to the class and not received by gratitude, still the only thing matters is the results, the success of their students. Learning and education are a messy endeavour, much like gardening. It takes time, proper care, and regular attention to grow.


4. Successful teachers give students their chance as well

A teacher who never allows the students to speak and express their thoughts will ultimately fail. Moreover, a teacher who always listens to the students will ultimately fail too. There should be a balance. It is not simple to understand when to listen and adapt, and when to say No, but you need to have that control in the classroom.


5. Successful teachers carry a positive attitude

Negative energy always blinds creativity, and it makes a healthy environment toxic for learning and creativity to grow. Successful teachers have an upbeat mood, a sense of joy and energy, and breeds creativity through positivity.


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